Walking Clothes Rack


Hey. Dukes tonite @ 8. See u there.

The text interrupts Kaitlyn’s monologue about the difference between French manicures and American manicures. I can’t tell the difference and don’t see the big deal about either, but Kaitlyn can and is upset that the salon gave her the wrong one.

See u there. Will prolly show up l8. Gf wants 2 shop. :(

I can’t wait to party with Duke and Jess. Unfortunately, I already promised to take Kaitlyn shopping. I don’t even remember how she talked me into it. I can’t stand shopping. But as usual, she always gets her way. I do admire that about her though.

Duke’s is gonna be packed by the time we show up. I would try and get out of shopping, but that would be a losing battle. Kaitlyn is stubborn as hell and trying to talk her out of her shopping obsession is like trying to predict Texas weather. It’s just not gonna happen.

I don’t even get why Kaitlyn wants to go to the party anyway. She can’t stand Duke and he can’t stand her either. I think she just wants to go so she can say she was there. Everyone is gonna talk about this party for weeks and she’s gonna want to be part of those discussions.

I so wish I was at Duke’s right now. I can just picture him trying to get Jess to buy the beer. They’ll play argue for a bit, but she’ll go. I should be part of that banter right now. I’d agree with Jess about Duke being an ass, but insist that the best looking of us go. I can imagine the blush on her face. And then she’d hit us and take off, only to return later with copious amounts of alcohol. That’s just how we are.

Hopefully Duke is taking the time to tell Jess how he feels. And seriously this time. He’s been in love with her since middle school and it’s been driving me crazy since then. The guy who never shuts up can’t say anything intelligent when he’s with her. It’s kind of funny. Though I have to wonder who the mystery guy she likes is. That’s the one thing that blocks Duke from making a move. Well if there was another guy, I’m sure I would know who he was. Me and Jess are best friends. We tell each other everything.

Shopping is hell. I’m transformed into a walking clothes rack. If I have to tell Kaitlyn whether or not she looks fat in one more outfit, I will shoot myself. Someone save me from this insanity.

The End

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