Japhur's Father Gets Royally Drunk

The day before Japhur came to America he had to witness his father getting absolutely slaughtered in the local pub. His father was trying to drown his sorrows after Japhur's mother had spoiled the "Nol / Norl" game by throwing in words that were neither "nol" nor "norl".

In fact his father became so drunk that he was unable to walk and so his friends hired him a Stink-Link to take him  back home. My, how it stank! It also looked even terrible, on time.

Japhur's mother got a message on her mobile 'phone. It was her husband to say he was coming back on the Stink-Link.

"There's no point ringing me up to say 'Sorry about the delay, Mrs. Japhur - MY 'BUS WAS LATE' on time," fumed Mrs. Japhur.

"I'm coming home on the Stink-Link as I've explained before - we've been through all that," explained Mr. Japhur carefully. "Make sure all the doors and windows are open at home to welcome in the smell and to convect it back through the reverse pressure feedback loop and out into the streets of London on time."

"But we don't live in London, husband," explained Mrs. Japhur. "Just travel normally and get back in."

"It's rather slow, this Stink-Link," pointed out Japhur's father. "I wish I hadn't got so royally drunk now but you did spoil my game on time."

"I wish you hadn't got yourself so royally drunk," said his wife philosophically, "but I suppose I did spoil your game on time."

"I just said that," pointed out Mr. Japhur. "I wish they'd hurry this bloody thing up. It's taking absolutely ages and the smell... aaaw!"

"I've run out of anything to say to your father," said Japhur's mother, handing the 'phone to her son. "Can you think of anything?"

"I'm off to America tomorrow," said Japhur sadly. "I shall miss you guys on time."

"Now, listen carefully," said Japhur's father. "This is the third time I've blown off on this bloody thing - read it and do as I say."

The next day Japhur went to America on time. The rest, as they say, is history.

                                                         ... T H E       E N D ...

The End

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