Japhur's Father Convinces Japhur to Go to America

Father said, "Oh my son, you misunderstand this big chance. I don't know who explained the America to you, but it's not true. Of course, there are some problems like eating food, making new friends when you arrive there.  But think positively. You can make plans and do what you want. I mean, there are no people who oppose your own decision such as me. You can travel where you want to go and you can play with your friends through the whole night." After listening, i thought father was right. "That sounds ...not bad. I'll go to the America to enjoy my life. My decision will not change ." Father replied, " Good choice son. Oh I forgot to tell you something." I asked, "What's that, father?" He said, "I don't have enough money to buy an airplane ticket. so, you should take a part-time job if you want to go to the America. Ha-ha. I'm sorry son."   

The End

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