One Day in The Forest

           Searching for  the lost treasure in the jungle to bring back to her true love, Ibo Bantula, Mathilda got lost herself. She walking to the large forest. She didn't know .where is she? what is the name of this forest? she had never been there. Then she kept walking through the forest. Suddenly, she heard some noises from the mountain. She could not understand about the meaning of noise. She was really curious  with the noise. She decided to run very fast to see it.

            Oh! she saw the people killing the elephant because they wanted to take off the elephant's ivory. It is very expensive. Although, few feople killing it. She thought, how she can help it without the death.

            Wow! very lucky. In her kitbag had a cigarette lighter. So, she decided to burn the dried leaves. She wanted the forester to see the smoke. In the few minute had a helicopter of forester comming.

It made a few people stop to killed the elephant and run away.

The forester came to met her and said "Thank you very for help them protect the animals in the forest.

They took her out from the forest together .In the office, she saw her boyfriend waitting. When he met her, he run to huge and said "he was proud of you". You are very smart......

The End

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