One Day


One day he will look at me the way he looks at her. But until then, I’ll just have to be content with being his best friend. And as his best friend, it is my duty to remind him of Duke’s party tonight. We always go, every year. So I text him like always.

Hey. Dukes tonite @ 8. See u there.

I know he’ll bring her. He brings her everywhere. She and Duke can’t stand each other. She’ll throw a hissy fit and he’ll have to leave early. I can’t stand her and it amazes me and the rest of his friends that he can.

She hates me too. He says she feels threatened by me. She doesn’t need to. He has never looked at me as more than a friend. Unfortunately.

See u there. Will prolly show up l8. Gf wants 2 shop. L He hates shopping. But he’ll go because he would do anything for her. I should probably go help Duke. We have to hide all the crap his parents would kill him over their damage. So I throw a cute change of clothes in my bag and head out to my car.


My little Avio isn’t much, but it works for me. I turn on the heat, blast Nickleback from my speakers, and head toward Duke’s place on Walnut. His house is in the middle of nowhere, perfect for parties. I drive down the winding gravel driveway off Walnut down to where his house lays nestled among the trees.

It’s only six and the sun is setting, casting an almost romantic light to the night. Too bad I have never felt romantic toward anyone but him. Duke likes me, but I try not to let that make things awkward between us. He knows how I feel about Jake. But Jake is with Kaitlyn and I wish she wouldn’t feel the need to shove her tongue down his throat whenever I’m around. I know he’s hers, but she doesn’t need to shove it in my face.

“Hey Jess! All ready to party tonight?” Duke asks as I step out.

“Sure. So what do we have to do? I’m up for making Wal-Mart runs, but I refuse to flirt with the guy at the liquor store so you guys can have alcohol.” I remember with an exaggerated shudder the last time the guys sent me. Now, I’m sure Mike is a nice guy. But he is really creepy and I hate leading him on.

“Well, we do need some food and please, please go. Mike loves you and would give you just about anything. I would do it, but I don’t think I’m his type.” He says with his cocky grin. It’s probably been on his face since birth.

I playfully punch his shoulder. “You are such an a$$, but fine. I’ll go. You so owe me for this.”

“I know. Maybe I can work some magic later,” he adds with a smile and the blow of a kiss.

I roll my eyes. “See you soon,” I reply with a wave as I take fifty bucks and head out into the night. Taylor Swift is blaring from my speakers and as usual, is singing the story of my life. I love and hate her for this reason.

The End

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