Questions Over Instincts

Voices, whispering a few yards away. She kept her eyes closed and listened closely.

Demons? She thought. It was to cold to be the jungles normal temperature. Then with horror she realized that she wasn’t in the jungle, but instead she was inside. Swallowing her panic of being in a different environment she forced herself to relax. Finally, after several moments she realized that the voices were from people, not demons.

“Jack’s dead!” cried a voice softly. “How can this be?” the angelic realized that it was a woman’s voice.

“The demon snapped his neck in half and broke most of his ribs.” Responded a man, rather young by the sound of his voice.

“And Cody?” Replied the woman. Suddenly, the doors swung open and the angelic heard two sets of foot steps walk in.

“I came as soon as I could. A messenger informed me that Jack had been killed. How are the others?” This was a new voice, it was older and definitely a mans voice. Its tone had an odd familiarity to it.

The man who had been talking to the girl responded “Cody is still sleeping and has a concussion, but other than that she’s fine.”

“What about Alex?” said the old man, his voice was now tense.

“Yeah, is he going to be okay?” This was another new voice, younger than the old mans, but now as young as the other man.

“Do not fear Mr. John, your suit did well.” Replied the young man, “That angelic hair you put in it probably saved his life. He had several dislocated ribs, but that’s all.”

So, these people aren’t just demon hunters, but they also hunted angelics. Thought the angelic. She decided that she had to leave as soon as possible.

“That’s not all though.” the young man said. He walked towards the young girl and the others followed. She laid there as still as possible as the humans stood over her.

“This girl was with them.” stated the young man.

“She doesn’t belong to this academy, does she?” asked the old man.

“No.” he replied. “As a matter of fact she doesn’t belong to any of the hunting academies. I think that Jack, Alex and Cody were trying to protect her. She has no weapons, nothing to fight a demon with.”

The angelic realized that they had no idea that she was an angelic. Relief swept through her and she breathed a silent sigh of relief. A moan came from the other side of the room and the humans turned.

“Alex?” said the old man as he rushed to the other side of the room where the moan had come from. The others quickly followed. Feeling safer the angelic opened her eyes and quietly sat up. She looked at the young boy who they were now all crowded over. They had called him Alex. That had been her dad’s name, but that seemed so long ago. Alex could have been an angelic, except for the fact that he was tall, had brown hair, and a set of eyes that matched. Looking around he asked, “Where is she?”

“Who?” inquired the old man.

“The girl. That demon hurt her! She needs help or its poison will kill her!” he exclaimed with a worried look. He sat up and looked around the room. His eyes stopped when he saw her. Alex looked into her brilliant blue eyes and then, without blinking, he said “I could have sworn that that demon had clawed our face off.” The others turned and looked at her.

“Hello.” Said the lady in a friendly tone. Alex stood up and a look of dizziness came to his face. He came closer to the angelic, walking slowly and stumbling on his way. The angelic looked around and saw an open window near her bed that would make for an easy escape. But this Alex kid was so different from other humans. He cared about her well being, enough to almost get killed trying to help her. Before she left she had to thank him. Though she would not dare do it in front of the others. Then they would know that she was an angelic. He looked her over as if trying to find something to say. Finally, he said in the quietest voice, “ My name’s Alex Heart.”

Her blue eyes pierced his skin and made him shiver. She thought for a moment, trying to decide whether or not to tell him her name or to just remain silent. His gaze was warm and gentle.

“Kennedy.” Said the angelic as she tried to keep her voice calm and level. This was the first time that she had truly talked to a human. The time she talked to him during the fight didn’t truly count.

“I am Alex’s fighting instructor, Maser Kwan.” Said the old man. Master Kwan quieted his voice and soothingly asked, “Where do you live? We can take you home, I am sure that your parents are worried about you.”

Kennedy opened her mouth but her voice had gotten caught in her throat. She swallowed hard. That was one thing that she hated about humans, they asked too many questions. And when you had a secret that could get you killed, questions were better off not being asked. Kennedy looked out the window, she probably should have escaped when she had the chance to, but now it was to late for that. Kennedy looked back up at the old man and he gave her a soft smile. She swallowed again, if her only way out was to talk then so be it. “My parents aren’t going to worry about me because they are both dead. I now live in Africa, making my home wherever I wish. Though I personally prefer the African jungle over its desert.” Everyone looked startled, everyone except for Alex. His eyes were sad and full of understanding. His lips quivered.

“My parents were also killed by a demon.” He said in a voice barely above a whisper. Kennedy felt a sudden stab of grief hit her heart and her shoulder suddenly felt as cold as ice. It was the tattoo, not the demon tattoo, but instead it was the other tattoo. The one on her right shoulder, the one that meant angelic. It had not hurt like this since her parents had been killed. Somebody touched heron the shoulder and she pulled away. The pain died away. She looked up and saw the young man, probably in his twenties, looking at her with concern.

“I’m a doctor,” he said as if he were trying to reassure himself of the fact instead of reassuring her about it. “Can I -”

“No. I’m fine.” She said sharply. Then in a kinder tone said, “But thank you for offering.”

To escape from having to make eye contact with any of them for another moment she walked over to the window and turned her attention to what lay beyond it. She gasped when she saw the view. A jungle lay off in the distance, a jungle of lights. Though it was far away she could make out many details, but not enough for her satisfactory. Listening, she heard a dull rumble.

“Where am I?” she asked, “What’s that noise, and how do you make a jungle of lights?” At her questions Kennedy felt a wave of surprise come off the old man by the name of Master Kwan.

“Ummm… That’s not a jungle, that’s a city, New York City to be exact.” Master Kwan paused then added, “What noise do you hear?”

“I don’t know,” said the angelic, “but it’s coming from the city.”

“That’s probably the traffic.” Replied the old man.

“Is the hunting good here?” Kennedy asked quietly.

Before the old man could answer the doctor stated “Alex, Kennedy, it’s late, you both need your rest. We can all talk more in the morning.”

Kennedy turned from the window just in time to se the doctor give the small crowd a warning glance that they should leave now if they wanted to make future visits.

“Take care, Alex.” Said the old man. Then everyone left, leaving Kennedy, Alex, and the doctor, alone.

Kennedy and Alex both got into their own beds that were on opposite sides of the room. The doctor turned off the lights and walked through on of the doors adjoined to the sick room. The angelic waited and listened for several minutes, but all was quiet. Hearing nothing the angelic crept out of bed over to where Alex was sleeping, only pausing a moment to look back out the window. She knew that she couldn’t escape here. This was a new place for her, and she also had no idea where New York was on the world. Kennedy would find out more in the morning from the old man. She might even go out and see the city, but she wasn’t sure yet. Once by the side of Alex’s bed she stopped and listened, there was no sound of the doctor.

Kennedy pulled out her wings. The tips of her feathers brushed against the floor and the top of her wings reached up past her head. They seemed to glow in the darkness. For a brief moment, Kennedy studied Alex, her number of questions rising by the moment. Pushing the questions out of her mind she gently reached out and took Alex’s hand. He didn’t even know her yet today he almost died for her, she had to give him something in return, something that only an angelic could give. She knew that she would most likely get caught once she gave him an angelics luck. She knew that it was a bad idea. Nevertheless, she felt that this had to be done.

 “Praesidium.” She whispered. A thin golden light wisped from her hand into the palm of his right hand, then soaked slowly into his skin. Slowly, the light faded away. What was left was a scar in the palm of his right hand. Kennedy looked over her work. It wasn’t right. She read the mark several times then gasped. Pulling away she turned and touched her left shoulder. The demon mark had changed the angelics luck. It still read Luck of an angelic, but it also stated demons fear.

That has to be good. She thought to herself. It was easier to kill a demon if it was afraid of you. Tucking in her wings she walked back over to her bed, and within minutes, she was asleep.

The End

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