First Meeting

Demon hunting? Alex thought, This is more like insect collecting.

Alex couldn’t believe that he flew all the way to Africa just to kill a couple of shadow demons. They were a poor excuse for a demon, it’s impossible for them to hurt anyone because they didn’t have a body, they were just basically shadows that made a lot of noise. The only problem with them was that they were the most annoying of all demons.

Alex looked at his two hunting partners, Jack; a strong young man with serious brown eyes, and Cody; a tall, skinny, red-headed girl with stunning green eyes. Cody glanced over at Alex and smiled, he returned the smile then quickly turned away.

Why do I keep catching myself staring at her? Alex thought.

Jack suddenly pulled out his sword and eased into a battle stance. Alex rested his hand on the grip of his sword and listened to the sounds of the jungle. Then Alex heard it. A rustling in the bushes. Both he and Cody drew their swords and prepared for a fight. The bushes parted and out walked a monkey. Once it realized that it was not alone it fled the way it had came. Jacks face reddened as he lowered his sword.

“Let’s stop and rest for a bit.” Cody suggested. Jack nodded and set down his camouflage pack and pulled out a bottle of water.

There was another rustle, followed by slience, just outside the clearing.

“It’s probably another monkey.” Joked Cody. Jack, ignoring her comment pulled out a demon indicator. It told when a temperature changed suddenly and could tell if demon is or has been in the area. His eyes narrowed.

“A demon,” he whispered, “and it’s close.” All was silent. Nobody moved.

Suddenly there was a cracking of branches, the bushes shook, twigs snapped and out ran a beaten up girl. She wore blue jeans and a white tank top. Her eyes were brown and her hair was long, black, and somewhat curly. Scratched, bleeding, and bruised, she ran towards them with fear in her eyes.

“Help! Help!” she cried as she ran straight into Jacks arms. He held her shoulders and tried to calm her but had no luck.

“There’s a demon chasing me!” she cried, “Please help me!”

“Relax, it’s going to be alright. Just wait here and Alex, Cody, and I will go and check it out.” said jack in a calm voice as he released her

Alex pulled out his sword and waited for Cody and Jack. Jack came over, sword in hand, and took the lead. Cody and Alex followed behind him. He slowly walked towards the bushes where the girl had come from. Once there he bent down a little and peered into the bushes. There was nothing. With a sigh he got up and turned around. Suddenly the bushes rattled and Jack was taken to the ground. The creature that took Jack down was unusually fast. It raced between Alex and Cody. Both slashed at it, but both of them missed. It leapt through the air and attacked the girl. Jack got to his feet and ran towards her and the creature as the creature threw the girl to the ground. Jack raised his sword high in the air, just about to kill when the girl all of a sudden changed. She changed into a demon.

‘Which of the two is the greater threat here?’ thought Alex. With a great roar the demon through the creature through the air where it crashed into a tree and fell to the ground. It started to get up, but fell down again. With great horror Alex realized that it was a young girl, probably fifteen like him.

“Alex! You help her, Cody and I will take the demon!” Alex wanted to fight but did not argue. He rushed to the girl’s side and got down on his knees. Gently, he touched her shoulder. There was no response. Quickly, he brought his hand to her neck and tried to find a pulse. Finally, he found it. Alex pulled out his water bottle, unscrewed the cap, and brought it to her lips trying to get her to drink. She turned her head and opened her eyes.

Alex was met with a pair of dazzling pair of blue eyes. He gasped, there was nothing he could do to stop himself. Her eyes just had such a stunning blue to them.

“Jack! Look out!” Cody cried.

 Alex looked up just in time to see the demon come down on Jack. Suddenly, everything seemed to move in slow motion. The demon pulled away from Jack and turned to face Cody. Jack wasn’t moving and his neck was bent at an awkward angle. Cody was about ten yards away from Jack. She just stood there. Staring at the demon with a look of horror on her face. The demon kicked Cody and she soared across the clearing and landed on the ground with a sickening thud. No motion came from her as the demon moved closer to her.

Then everything seemed to stop completely as the gentlest voice he had ever heard whispered next to him. “Help her, I can handle the demon.”

He looked over, the young girl had gotten up and was now kneeling next to him. Her brilliant blue eyes burned in to his like wildfire. Then everything started moving at normal speed again as the girl jumped to her feet, limping a little at first, then running at a remarkable speed towards the demon. She lowered herself to the ground and grabbed Jacks sword without stopping as she passed him. Then she jumped and swiped at the demons chest. It screeched, then fell to the ground.

Alex took this opportunity and charged across the clearing towards Cody. Once he was there he gave her a quick look over. She was out cold but otherwise fine. Alex decided that there was nothing he could do to help her at the moment so he turned his attention back towards the fight.

The demon had gotten back up and was boisterous with anger. It knocked the sword out of the girls hand and she took a step back in surprise. Alex rushed over there and took a stab at the demon.

It roared in anger and pain as it grabbed its face. The demon silenced and released its face. There was a large gash where its face should have been. It clawed madly at the air around it but touched nothing. The girl lunged at it then at the last second, dived between its legs. At this sound the demon turned its back to Alex and faced the girl. Alex realized that this was a distraction so that he could kill the demon. He hesitated then went to kill it, but that hesitation was a moment to long and the demon swiped at the girl and knocked her to the ground. She gasped as the air left her lungs. The demon rose itself to full height then started to come down on the girl.

“NO!” cried Alex as he lunged forward and stabbed the demon in the back, missing its spine by inches.

It spun around, hitting Alex square in the chest. He fell backwards and landed on the ground. Pain shot through his body, he tried to move but it only made the pain worse. Alex looked up at the girl and the demon. The demon caught her off guard and lashed out at her, raking the side of her face. She gave out a cry of rage and pain then lunged under the demon and stood up behind it. Before the demon had time to turn around she pulled out the sword then drove it straight into its upper torso. The demon let out one last cry of fury before it fell to the ground and died.

Everything was getting fuzzy and Alex was finding it hard to maintain a state of consciousness. The pain he felt was overwhelming. He watched as the girl shook from head to toe. Her face was covered with her hand. The demon that had clawed her had claws that were poisonous. Alex new that she needed help, and fast, or else she would die within a few minutes. With shallow, quick breaths, the girl started walking out of the clearing, but only after a few feet, she fell to the ground. Alex started getting up to help her, but as soon as he moved pain shot through his entire body. Everything around him became clear as crystal for split second then everything blended. Colors faded away as well as the birds songs. Then all of the sudden, there was nothing.

The End

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