Close Encounters

She shut her eyes listening to the sounds of the African jungle but nothing changed. All of the birds were still singing and the temperature remained constant. The angelic sighed, she knew that a demon was nearby but she couldn’t locate it. She opened her eyes and rubbed her left shoulder blade. The black tattoo burned like wildfire on her skin. Her eyes wandered toward it as the burning sensation increased. Right when her eyes saw the tattoo the burning stopped.

She had never understood why the demon marked her with the symbol that meant demon, but she did understand how the tattoo had changed her. Soon after the demon had marked her she had quickly discovered that she could see clearly in the dark and control fire, just like a demon. Other abilities gradually came to her, like the ability to morph into certain animals. Her attitude had also changed. Although she still had the overall attitude of and angelic, she could now feel rage and fight to the death if she wanted. Soon afterwards she started hunting demons. Africa was her home, and she was going to protect it from anything that she felt to be a threat. And to her, demons were the threat.

The thing that she found odd about the demons was that they always managed to find her demon tattoo, and the moment the did, they would instantly go on the defense and try not to harm her; some would even try to flee. None of the demons ever escaped, except one. She had lost track of how many times she had fought that demon and how many times it escaped. She recognized the demon every time she saw it. It was the same demon that had killed her parents.

Suddenly the air chilled and the birds of the jungle stopped singing. A demon was definitely near. She pulled herself into the bushes and became as still as stone. A small jungle demon wandered into the clearing. If it were to stand on its hind legs the angelic guessed that it would probably be about nine or ten feet tall. Jungle demons were not that smart and fairly oblivious to the world around them. But if you hassled one, they were extremely deadly, almost as deadly as a black eyed demon. These demons were easier to deal with in only one way, they couldn’t vanish. Not that that mattered very much, because a demon would almost never back out on a fight

It slowly stalked through the clearing not noticing the angelic hiding in the bushes. The angelic slipped out of her hiding place and quietly stalked the demon as it left the clearing. She leaped! Attacking the demons back. Pulling her wings out, she let them fill with air and flew towards the heavens taking the demon along with her. The demon roared in fury and clawed at her but only managed to swipe the air. Once she was about a hundred feet up into the air she did a swan dive, plunging straight towards the ground. At the last second she curved her wings and rocketed straight towards the ground, demon still in hand. She turned sharply, driving the demon into the tree barely touching the tree’s upper branches with the tip of her feathers.

As quickly as possible she landed on the jungle floor as to avoid collision with the trees. With a sharp turn she raced back towards the clearing only to find the demon laying crumpled by the tree. It was motion less; there wasn’t even a rising and falling of its chest. This wasn’t right, jungle demons weren’t that easy to kill. She stepped closer to the demon, taking her time, to make sure that it was truly dead. Leaning in closer, she listened, trying to hear any little noise. Then she found it. It was the faintest pulse. The demon had done well in faking its death, but not well enough.

With a cry for battle she raced towards the demon ready to fight. Realizing that its plan had failed it leaped up and attacked. The two clashed together in a fury of fangs and feathers. They fell to the earth, the demon scratching with its powerful claws and the angelic beating her powerful wings for confusion so that she could throw punch after punch. The demon grabbed her left shoulder. A white hot pain shot through her shoulder where the tattoo was. In a cry of agony the demon let go of her and pulled away, clutching its hand. All of the skin on the demons hand had been burned away so that muscle and bone could be seen. At the demons release the angelic’s wing crumpled and she fell to the ground, withering in pain. The angelic shut her eyes and pushed the pain out of her mind. She looked up only to see the demon crouching low to the ground looking directly at her. Once it realized that the angelic was okay its eyes widened in horror. Hiding her wings the angelic jumped into the air and at the jungle demon.

It dodged her and ran out of the clearing. Before her feet had even touched the ground she had turned her body towards the direction that the demon had fled. A moment later she too was out of the clearing and chasing after the demon. Within seconds she was at the demons heels. The demons fear and yearning to escape only drove her harder. After what seemed like hours but was really less than a second the demon was in her striking range. She tackled it, hitting the demon with a terrific force. They clashed with the ground and once again started battling each other.

This time the demon didn’t try to harm her. Instead it only tried to escape, pushing the angelic away but making certain not to hit her with its poisonous, razor sharp claws. However, the angelic was not so sympathetic. She had pinned the demon and was now throwing punch after punch in an endless fury. A demon had killed her parents and now she was going to kill that demon and every demon that she came upon in the process. She had never wanted to kill them, but something unknown inside her made her kill them. Every time she did kill one, she would feel terribly sick afterwards.

Just as she was about to deliver the killing blow she heard voices. Pausing, she listened. The voices had stopped talking and now there was the ever so quietest whirr of an electronic device. Suddenly, a sharp kick was delivered to the angelics chest and she was thrown back into a nearby tree. She looked up. The demon had gotten to its feet and had transformed itself into a young girl, about seventeen, with brown eyes and long, black, semi-curly hair. With that the demon smiled and ran towards the spot where the voices had come from. There was no way that the angelic was going to let the demon escape, and with that, she gave chase.

The demon burst through the trees and into another clearing. Just as the angelic was about to lunge into the clearing she caught sight of what was in there, humans. There was nothing less trustworthy than a human. Even a demon was more trustworthy. A demon always kept its promises and always held its end of a bargain when making a deal. But humans would lie, cheat, and steal. If you made a promise, they wouldn’t always keep it, and if you made a deal with one they wouldn’t always hold up their end of the bargain. Not all humans were like that, but enough were.

The angelic made sure that her wings were well hidden; she didn’t want to be killed by a stupid mistake. Just as she was about to charge into the clearing after the demon she realized that it was to late. The demon had just reached the small group of people, crying about how she had been attacked by a “horrible monster” and that it was chasing her. All of the humans pulled out swords and the blood in the angelics face drained. These people weren’t your normal, every-day humans, they were demon hunters.

The End

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