12 Years Later

He fought; he fought with all his strength. Not stopping for a breath. If he didn’t win then he would lose, and losing in this kind of battle meant death. So in this case, losing was not an option. Quickly he pulled the blunt end of his sword’s blade under his opponent’s legs, knocking him to the ground. In a flash he brought the sword to his enemy’s throat stopping the blade when it was only but a quarter inch from piercing the skin.

“Time!” shouted the boy’s instructor, “That was approximately one minute and fifty three seconds for taking down your opponent. Good job Alex, that’s a new record for this school.”

Alex pulled the sword away from his training partner’s neck and helped him up.

“I think that it’s time you fight a real demon.” his master stated.

The words excited Alex, that is what he had been work for this whole time. He remembered how his parents took him to Africa how his family was attacked by a demon. He was the only one who survived. Alex remembered how this school had rescued him and taught him how to become a hunter of demons. After his family had died he wanted to know all that he could about demons so that he could hunt and kill every one on them and it was this anger that made him such a great fighter. Alex looked up at his instructor and asked, “When can I start?”

“Right away.” Said Alex’s mentor, “There is some trouble with demons in Africa, are you up to it?”

“Of course.”

“Good.” Said the man, “The plane will leave in two  hours, I need you to be ready in one. Meet me back here when you are ready to go.”

And with that his master turned and walked out the door. As soon as his master was gone Alex slipped out of the sparring room and walked down the hall towards the weapons room. He stopped as he entered the weapons room. This was his favorite place. Ever since he had entered the Venator Academy He had been coming to the weapons room. He used to pretend that he was a mighty demon hunter and that all demons feared him. That even the demon king would tremble at his name, but that was ten years ago, Alex was five then and had just came to the school from the heart of New York. That was right after his parents died.

“Hey Alex, what do you need?” asked a man in the back of the room. Alex looked up and smiled at him, it was Mr. John, the weapons master. He had helped Alex learn every hunting weapon there is, how to use them, and when they would be best to use.

“I got an assignment.” Alex replied

“Really?” said Mr. John looking first surprised and then excited. “Good, it’s about time.”

Mr. John quickly went in to the back room and returned a few moments later with a suit that had an arrangement of weapons on it.

“That’s new.” Said Alex while looking at the suit with great interest.

“Like it? I made it myself. It’s got everything you would want when facing a demon, here try it on.”

Alex took off his training suit and put on the black, one piece suit. It was thick and strong like leather, but was as soft and as breathable as cotton. He could move in it like he could move in his own skin. It was like no other material he had seen before.

“What’s it made of?” Alex questioned.

“I made it myself. It’s a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, I even weaved some angelic hair into the mix for extra strength and protection. That suit is breathable and flexible, yet it’s also windproof, water proof, fireproof, it can keep your body temperature regulated and it’s shock absorbing to some extent so that if you are attacked and hit it won’t be nearly as bad. It also holds a wide variety of weapons and has a sheath for your sword. You can use it if you want to.”

Alex didn’t know why but he couldn’t get over the fact that Mr. John had used angelic hair. Didn’t they have to kill Angelics to get that? He let out a sigh then looked up and forced a smile to his face.

“Yes, thank you.” Alex said while dipping his head respectively to Mr. John. Mr. John looked him over then shook his head.

“Alex, I’ve known you long enough and can tell when something is troubling you. Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Well…” said Alex trying to find the right words, “I was wondering about angelics, what did they look like, and is it true that they are all extinct?” Mr. John’s eyes saddened and he sat down.

“Yes, they are extinct.” He said. “And as for how they looked, they were, well… they were just plain beautiful. They had light, tan skin, golden hair, and the most brilliant blue eyes that you could ever see. Angelics were small creatures, usually just over five feet. Oh, and they are also quite muscled.”

“But how could you kill a whole spices, and besides, why would anyone want to kill an angelic? And weren’t they also extremely smart, so how could you kill one?” Alex asked.

“Angelics were extremely smart, but they were extremely gentle. They would only fight as a last resource and even then, they would not kill, they’d only defend themselves. Always cared about everyone and everything, it was their kindness that probably killed them. When people learned that their blood could cure almost any disease and heal any wound, even a wound caused by a demon, people saw their value and started hunting them down. After several had been caught they realized that if you mix their tears with a fine red wine and drink it that you would become faster and stronger for several days. Their hair, when woven in to a fabric, could make that fabric like armor. Then their was their feathers, they were softer and warmer than anything on this earth. People would carry their feathers around as sort of a good luck charm. Anyways, angelics didn’t like this abuse so people killed them to get what they wanted.”

“But how did they capture and kill them?” asked Alex.

“Simple,” replied Mr. John, “One person would just act like they were in trouble or injured which would lure the angelic near, then when it got close enough some else would either tranquilize it, shoot it, or net the angelic. The last angelics were killed about nine years ago down in Africa, but they were killed by a demon. You know if you want to know more about angelics then ask your master. He’s had first hand experience with them.”

Alex glanced down and glanced at his watch, he had ten minutes until it was time to meet his instructor again. He got up, thanked Mr. John, and promised to tell him how the hunt went. With a quick goodbye Alex left the weapons room ready to hunt demons, but wanting to know more about angelics.

The End

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