One Dark Night

This is my first story. Tell me what you think. Open to suggestions.



She hid in her room keeping her fear to herself. Inside the closet she waited, listening but hearing nothing but the beating of her own heart. Something was terribly wrong. She could sense it. Her parents had stopped talking, and the birds in the jungle had stopped singing. After ten minutes and still slience she gathered up her courage and stepped out of her closet and into her room. Nobody was there.

Silently she walked down the hall checking every room that she passed but finding no one as she slowly walked down the hall movement caught in the corner of her eye. She snapped out her wings as she jumped backwards in alarm. Then she sighed, it was only her own reflection in the mirror. The young angelic pulled closer to the mirror to get a better look at herself. Straight golden hair pulled back into a low resting pony tail and brilliant blue eyes that shined like wildfire against her light tan skin. Her eyes showed worry as she pondered her reflection. Then carefully she drew back in her wings, if she didn’t keep them hidden then she would be dead.

Even though she was only five years old she knew that if anybody saw her wings she would be hunted. Angelics had been hunted and killed for centuries because of the healing powers they possessed. Their blood could heal any wound and cure many things and their feathers could give a person unnatural speed and strength.

She turned from the mirror and walked on, slower this time, for she did not want to give herself another unnecessary fright. Finally after what seemed like ages she reached the kitchen, which was where she had heard her parents last. The angelic stopped, dead in her tracks. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw her parents lying there on the floor, dead. A demon was near by, she could feel it, the air was to cold for Africa’s jungle. Also there were imprints of a hand, a demons hand, burned on to her parents’ bodies where the demon had touched them.

A cold pain suddenly hit the girl’s right shoulder but she pushed it out of her mind and as quickly as she could she walked over to her parents’ dead bodies, straightened their wings and pulled out several loose feathers. She knew that she shouldn’t dawdle over their bodies because the demon might still be near, but she couldn’t get her feet to leave that spot. Suddenly the room turned cold and the fresh flowers on the table wilted. The angelic turned, but to late. Before she even had the chance to react the demon had her.  It grabbed her and threw her against the wall.

She got up to her hands and knees but crumpled as the demon drew near. Looking up with horror she realized that she was facing a black eyed demon. They were rare, but they were also very strong and powerful. Many humans had fought this type of demon, but very few had lived, and nobody had ever defeated one. Her body trembled in fear as the demon drew closer and closer to her until it hovered just inches off the ground in front of her. The angelic closed her eyes and waited for the demon to do it’s deathly deed, but instead it did nothing. Slowly, she reopened her eyes, the demon just stood there, staring at her with it’s black, empty eyes.

She couldn’t move, fear engulfed her; all she did was stare into those empty eyes. Finally it drew it’s withered hand towards her. The girl told her legs to run and her wings to fly but they seemed to refuse. It drew it’s outer finger to the corner of her left brow. The creatures touch was colder than ice. A shiver ran down the angelic’s back but that was her only movement. The demon then slowly ran it’s finger down the side of her face and neck then over to her left shoulder. It stopped when it reached her left shoulder blade.

She shut her eyes again. The demon pulled it’s hand away from her and all was silent. Then suddenly the demon drove it’s sharp nails in to her shoulder blade. The angelic screamed in pain. Blackness speeded across her shoulder in several lines weaving to create the symbol for demon. The demon then pulled away.

“Everto angelus.” It whispered, then left.

Birds started singing in the jungle and the kitchen became warm again. Then everything around the angelic went black.

The End

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