Wake up call

I heard a sign and fried to open my eyes but they felt far too heavy and I could taste something bitter and acidic on my tongue.

“Normally I'd make you clean this up yourself, but considering the circumstances...” I heard Kevin mutter. This time I managed to half open my eyes and realised I'd thrown up over the end of the sofa. I tried to get my mouth to work to apologise but it was so dry what came out was a rasp.

“Come on” he said louder as he grabbed one of my arms and slung me over his shoulder. The motion took me by surprised and I had to fight the urge to throw up a second time. Which was a good thing, I suspected Kevin wouldn't appreciate being vomited on. I felt the ground turn from soft carpet to hard tile and then a bright light attacked my eyes and I whimpered a little.

“I hope your alert enough to wash, because that's one thing I won't do” Kevin said as he started running the tap. I forced myself to nod even though the motion made my headache grow twice as painful.

“I'll leave the bag of your stuff outside the bathroom door. The towels on the rack are fresh. Don't worry about washing your old stuff, just throw it out and I'll throw them in the machine for you” Kevin switched the taps and left to get my bag. I glanced at myself in the mirror and saw my hair was a mess. I didn't want to guess how bad my breath must've smelled. I swear I'd only had one bottle, but then my memory was a little hazy. The moment Kevin returned with the bag I pulled out my toothbrush and toothpaste. Kevin turned off the tap.

“That should be an okay temperature. Don't unlock the door okay, if you slip I want to be able to help” He said. I agreed through the toothbrush and he left, closing the door as he went. I attacked my teeth for a good, solid thirty minutes before I turned to the bath. I quickly stripped off my cloths and only poking my head and arms out the door, grabbed my bag and put my old stuff in a pile. I remembered Kevin's request and pulled my hand away from the lock. I couldn't help but remember similar situations from Matt. All he did was laugh at my silly drunkenness and sure, he'd be worried when I threw up. But he'd never go to these kind of lengths to look after me. I shook my head to clear those thought, forgetting how much that hurt. I fought back the sting of tears for the hundredth time that night and crawled into the bath. I just lay there for a few minutes before pulling myself up to grab the soap and shampoo. It didn't take me long to wash and dry after that. I pulled on a pair of pyjamas and half opened the door, wondering where Kevin was.

The End

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