Tears and Anger

“Sophie?” Kevin said, his voice sounded slightly crackly down his phone. You'd think a top of the range phone would be a bit better. I shoved the useless though aside. I was distracting myself and that never worked. I opened my mouth, managed to utter a hopeless sound before hot tears hit my cheeks. I could feel my cheeks turning red, I was crying in the middle of the street. Across the road Matt was cheating on me. God, it hurt so much to use the word. Cheating. Matt had done a lot of stupid things, messed up a lot, but he'd always been true to me. Not anymore I reminded myself as I remember how Fiona had spoken in that low seductive voice and how Matt had returned the tone.

“Where are you?” Kevin asked, somehow I managed to say the studio. I heard something slam shut and an engine start up.

“I'll be there as soon as possible. Don't go anywhere” he said. I nodded before realising he couldn't see the nod to confirm my answer.

“Okay” I said into the phone. I'm amazed Kevin made out the word when it was barely a whisper. Everything about me felt like a whisper. An partially invisible force that had been broken by a realisation. I wrapped my arms around me tight and saw everything around me blur further. I glanced up to see the once sunny day was overcast. I knew it was a ridiculous notion. But I couldn't help but think the sky understood what was wrong and was crying with me. I heard a car pull up beside. I felt warm fingers pull me close into an embrace. I felt a new wave of tears begin. Then I was out of the downpour, sitting on comfortable leather seats. Kevin was talking to me, but I wasn't really hearing the words he said.

“I know this sounds cruel, but this doesn't surprise me. Fiona has always liked to go for star types. If she sense someone will become rich and famous she does everything in her power to get them. Matt's nice, but he's also clueless. He probably didn't understand what was going on till it was too late” Kevin ranted, his eyes scanning the road as he drove.

“He could've stopped it once he realised” I whispered, hugging myself, glad the cars heating was blasting.

“Fiona properly threatened to tell you everything” He replied and I shook my head. I would never have believed her, not over Matt. I hope I wouldn't have anyway.

“How do you know all this about Fiona?” I asked, because if he'd known, he should've tried to warn us.

“Because she tried the same thing with me. Only I don't let myself get manipulated. I scouted matt because he loves singing and has an incredible voice. I hired Fiona because she's excellent at what she does. But believe me. After this I'm re-hiring” He reassured me, but the words did little to ease the ache growing in my chest.

“Matt's voice would be useless if it weren't for my help” the cruel words spat from my mouth before I even realised they'd entered my thoughts. Kevin glanced from the road for a split second and nodded silently.

“Your right. What use is a voice if it doesn't have something good to sing?” Kevin agreed, The words still tasted foul in my mouth. Though I knew Kevin didn't judge me for them, I did. I wasn't the kind who made petty remarks like that.

The End

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