When I next open my eyes I'm alone. I find a note on the bedside table. Once again Matt's out. He's always out nowadays. Always busy. Last night was amazing, and the first time in a month. Was this going to be it? Me sitting at home, waiting for him. No, that wasn't me. I placed the note back down on the table just as my phone bleeped with a text. Kevin again, why not? Like I said, I wasn't going to sit around like some silly housewife.

I felt a sign of relief leave my body as I entered the warmth of the coffee shop. It wasn't long before we'd start seeing snow I thought as I waited for the barrister to hand me the polystyrene cup. Sure enough Kevin was waiting, his uncontrollable hair somewhat tamed by a hair band. It was a strange look, made him look like something of a pirate. Looked nice on him.

“You look happy today” he commented as I sat opposite him. I couldn't hold back the grin.

“Properly because I am” I replied, not wanting to disclose personal details.

“I guess you two are good again?” he said, I nodded, recalling the events last night.

“I'm happy for you” He added, his smile was genuine. But I suspected his eyes were something else. His voice had changed slightly, becoming more formal. I gave my head a slight shake, I was looking for thing that didn't exist I scowled myself.

“You going to surprise him at the studio later?” Kevin suggested with a small laugh. Not a bad idea actually.

“Hmm...” I glanced at my watch, “Actually I might surprise him now. Enjoy your gross black coffee” I joked as I got up. He let out a laugh too with a small smile. Why did I get the feeling it wasn't my imagination. He was actually sad about something. I shook my head again, not something I should shove my nose into. I called a taxi and thought about Matt instead.

The End

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