I open my eyes the next morning, squinting from the onslaught of light. I close them again and burrow into my pillow. Trying not to grin when I hear a slow chuckle. I feel him trance my spine, my jawline, my blushing cheeks. Feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I feel his body press against mine, as he moves to kiss my awaiting lips. I open my eyes, a cheeky smile and quip more than ready to escape my lips.

Then I truly open my eyes, and its completely dark outside. What was that? I'd never had that sort of dream before. I glance behind me to see matt softly snoring, occasionally mumbling an unintelligible phase. I stand up, rush to the bathroom. Take in my reddened lips and cheeks. How could I do that. Then again was it really wrong?

I mean Its not like it was an actual event, so really there's no reason to worry and fuse. Just splash some cold water on my face. Get back into bed and snuggle into the man I should love. Not think on silly dreams, after all, it's not a could be. He lets out a low moan when I pull him in. Guess I should've thought to run the hot tap. He opens a blurry eye and a small smile reaches his mouth. Then he's gone again, dreaming his own silly, unimportant dreams. Because that's what they are, silly and unimportant.

Besides, like I said, it didn't really happen. And it's never been a crime, to dream of another man.

The End

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