I came home to the new apartment, company provided of course. I'd expected to see the sofa as soon as I walked in. A nice, soft white one that I could collapse into. Instead I saw a wooden ladder and paper strewn across the carpet and Matt covered in pale blue licks of paint. Paint he was definitely brushing onto the walls. He looked up as I walked in.

“Where were you all day?” he asked, he voice taking on a edge I recognised.

“I did some light shopping and had some lunch” I replied with a brisk movement of my shoulders. I took off my coat and headed to the bedroom to change.

“Lunch on your own?” the question left his lips before I'd even closed the bedroom door behind me. I sent him a confused look. Hoping it would deter him from the road he was headed. He studied me for a few more seconds before exhaling loudly.

“Sorry” he murmured. I sent him a small smile and walked over. Matt really could be silly at times. And covered in paint in his old, ragged cloths reminded me of the sweet, helpless guy he was. I leaned into his chest before standing on my tiptoes to kiss his forehead.

“Need help?” I asked, quickly picking up a big brush. I dipped it into the paint, “So where should I-” my sentence was interrupted as Matt playfully flicked his brush across my nose. I let out a yelp of shock and flicked my still-dripping brush at him.

“Hmm, blue suits you” I said with a little grin. Then promptly continued to attack him with paint. By the time darkness had fallen we both needed a bath and the walls were nowhere near finished. But I didn't care. It'd been a long time since I'd felt this content.

“We both need a wash” I said with a sigh, pulling myself up from the floor where we'd both sat down to catch our breaths.

“Need someone to join you?” Matt asked. And the way he said it sent shivers down my spine. The very, very good kind. I smiled in response.

The End

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