Mocha Latte

As soon as Matt's door closes I pay the driver and ask him to take me to my favourite coffee shop. I'm a little surprised when I see Kevin sitting at my usual booth.

“Not helping Matt today?” I ask before walking up to the counter to order. The girl with blue and black hair makes my drink quickly. I pay and slide into the dark brown leather booth, hot mocha latte in hand.

“I think he knows the drill by now” he replied with a laugh.

“Point taken” I said, taking a sip to check the temperature. It's way too hot and I just burnt my tongue. Kevin noticed a small grimace and raises an eyebrow.

“Hot drink” I mouth, trying not to giggle.

“Clever” he mouths back, openly laughing. I sent a small glare his way before my phone buzz's.

“Who is it?” Kevin asks when I pull out the phone.

“Matt” I murmur, opening the text.

“Oh, How are things between you two?” he says and I have to fight the urge to sigh.

“Fine” I reply. Not bothering to reply to Matt's “I miss you already” text. I notice Kevin's skeptic look but ignore it. We were just having a ruff patch. Me and Matt are fine.

The End

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