Real World

I glared out the taxi window. I was still annoyed at him, even if it was a month ago. He didn't help by suddenly deciding that we were too good for bus's. I mean if it really bothered him, why not put that money to good use and buy a car. I wouldn't be surprised if he started joking about a limousine. The album release was today and Kevin had Matt booked for back to back signing throughout the day. The company had already turned one of his songs into a music video and released it two weeks ago to create hype. Me and Matt haven't talked much. He's too busy now.

So I pretty much spend my time either talking to Fiona or sometimes Kevin – a surprisingly good listener. Better than Matt that's for sure. He actually understands the value of money. How else did he make it to where he is? A top music producer and occasional co-writer. It nice to brainstorm lyrics with him. Nicer than it is with Matt. Kevin actually knows what message he's aiming for with a song. Whereas with Matt he just writing random stuff and waiting for something good to happen.

I remember the first time I ever riffled through his song-pad. I'd recall spending two weeks on the first one. I'd kept it a secret from Matt to surprise him. Things were nicer then. Of course college had to end eventually. And we were spat into the real world. I wonder if Matt even understand the meaning of the phase “real world”. I let out a sigh as we pull up to the music store. I hear his goodbye and feel the peck on my cheek. But no deep feeling arises as a result.  

The End

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