Recording Starts

We got off the bus and walked for half a minute to the studio. Kevin met us in the waiting room and starting discuss technical music stuff with Matt. I felt myself zone out as Matt signed the piece of paper and we got taken into the recording room. On my side it was a dark room with only the low light of a small lamp and the various dials and switches on the soundboard that a women with short curly black hair controlled. She glanced back at me.

“First time in a studio?” She asked with a small smile that made her asian features come to life. I nodded mutely.

“What's that stuff on the walls?” I asked, pointing into the room on the other side of the glass, where Matt was setting up his guitar and checking the microphone.

“It's acoustic foam, it's got all the bumps because it adsorbs the sound and ensures better sound quality on what's being recorded” She explained

“Oh” I muttered, feeling out of place here. Matt looked completely at ease. Kevin walked into the this side of the studio and gave him the thumbs up to start and the girl – she said her name was Fiona I think – got to work on the soundboard. Her dark eyes widened as she listened to him sing.  

The End

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