The next day when I woke up it wasn't to the smell of pancakes, it was the to the sounds of him rushing about getting ready. I quickly hopped into the shower and when I came out I saw something pale blue lying on the made bed. I heard a small laugh from behind me and turned to see Matt.

“I told you not to do this!” I yelled, knowing I was being mean, but that money could've meant a lot. Like say the rent.

“Jezz, don't get mad. I just wanted to do something nice for you. Don't worry, money will never be a concern for us ever again” Matt smiled, I resisted the urge to strangle him for his ignorance and shooed him out of the room. I stared at the dress. It was very beautiful I had to admit, pale blue with shades of dark blue and purple placed sporadically across the soft texture.

I argued with myself before putting it on. Telling myself I would return it later without Matt knowing. As if he hadn't wasted enough money he decided we'd take the bus rather than walk. We'd walked further than this distance but he insisted on the bus. I got on unwillingly and laid my head on the window, watching my breath fog up the glass. Matt was always positive, it was one of his best qualities, but it was also his biggest fault.

The End

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