The next morning I woke up to hear him humming in the small kitchen. I snuck up on him, hugging him from behind. I felt his body move as he laughed and the smell of pancakes drifted through the air.

It didn't take us long to eat – though there was some silliness involving syrup that required us both to take fresh showers. It's now mid-afternoon and we still have the whole Saturday to finish off.

“Let's go shopping” Matt suggested, grabbing his coat. I gave him an unsure look, eyeing what little I had in my purse, sure he had lesser still. But his grin reeled me in, and follow I did.

I gazed at things I really couldn't afford - dresses, shoes and a beautiful, glistening, multi-coloured glass wind-chime. I looked at the cost and dismayed. Even that was out of my price range. I headed to the second-hand shops, hoping for a decent find there.

We walked back home from town, Matt had a grin on his face, telling me he must've bought something great. I just hoped it wasn't his usual mistake, of wasting his money on thing we don't really need. I heard a small chime as I laid down my only bag – A decent winter jacket to replace my well-frayed one. Matt looked so proud, I felt so bent. One half wanted to kiss him, thank him for buying me a pretty thing. The other half wanted to shout - "There you are again, Wasting money as always!"

But I simply smiled and hung it outside. I mumbled a thanks and checked the kitchen. We should still have enough to get by.

The End

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