Saying Yes

"Yes" I uttered the one word, gazing into his face. Wondering why I ever thought of leaving this person.

I followed him home, my sweet Matthew had a grin on his face. He paused in the front door, turning around to face me. His usually scruffy brown hair slink and shiny from the rain. It stuck out everywhere and to his face. I knew my long silver hair did too. He reached out and caressed my cheek.

“I love you” He whispered as he pulled me into his embrace. His warm arms chasing away the cold from my shivering skin. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead under the full moons gaze and then we went inside to dry before we both caught a cold.

As always he didn't bother drying his hair when he emerged changed after his shower. It seemed natural when I grabbed a towel and made him sit down. I attempted like always to bring some sense to his hair. He chuckled softly as I cursed at the thick, unwilling, chocolate strands.

“I really do love you and everything you do Sophie” He said, standing up and kissing me. His lips felt familiar and safe. I was home. Even if home was a small, slightly down trodden flat in a run-down area of London. I forgot about the money issues as we sat on the bed and he grabbed his guitar, playing a beautiful lullaby that pulled me into a deep, calm sleep.

The End

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