The Voyage {Part 1}

Silence took over. Only sound they could hear was Lonyer’s cry after his dear Sallyia’s death.

A small note magically appeared right next to Qlamperun. He picked it up. “Another note.” –He said out loud. He then began reading it, “Oh my Oh my! What a heartbreaking scene! A husband losing his lovely wife. That’s most certainly something out of a romantic but at the same time tragic movie.  Anyways, that was fun to watch. Two down. Twenty-eight left. Take care, dearies. And remember, one by one.”

Lonyer stopped crying. He stood up and looked at the group. “I’ll give you my word that I’m going to personally kill that sick monster.”

“Yes, you’ll avenge your wife. We’re going to avenge both her and Benston.” –Arith said.

“Her death wasn’t in vain. She saved us all. She’ll forever be remembered as a hero.” –Dalaila said.

The scenery around them began changing one of the sudden. The desert was completely gone now. They were all standing in some type of pier now and right in front of them was this huge ship with big white sails.

A note was nailed to the ship. Mrs. Shosy grabbed it and read it, “Bon voyage.” –She said.

“Guess they want us to go for a boat ride.” –Cyfon said.

“Ugh great, I get sea sick way too easily.” –Tanfesor said.

Everyone then started making their way inside the wooden ship. Saphiro quickly put his hand in Lonyer’s shoulder and whispered, “Lonyer, remember. Revenge makes you do stupid things. Always think things through before acting. I know this is very tough for you right now, but I’m sure Sallyia would want you to be smart.” –He told him.

“I’ll be smart. But like I said, I’m killing whoever is doing this to us.” –Lonyer said. He looked directly at Saphiro’s eyes. “Mark my words.”

The End

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