The Desert {Part 9}

“Absolutely nothing is happening to that worm.” –Mrs. Shosy said.

“He’s way too strong. We need something as big as that creature to destroy him.” –Ishuni said while holding Ninko in her arms trying to calm him down from his crying.

“That’s it.” –Sallyia said.

Lonyer looked at his wife. “Don’t even think about it.” –He said to her.

“It’s the only way. We’re all in danger.” –She said.

The gigantic worm then raised its enormous and heavy tail, preparing to smash the entire group with one hit.

Sallyia turned to Lonyer and kissed him. “Till death do us apart. I love you, Lonyer.” She gave her one last smile.

Right before Lonyer could say something, Sallyia rushed towards the worm’s shadow. Taking control of it completely and becoming an exact copy of it. She immediately used her tail to block and stop completely the worm’s tail smash that was heading towards the group.

Sallyia then turned her entire worm body and tackled the worm, making it fall into the sand. She then started strangling it just like an anaconda, preventing the worm from moving. She then looked at the group and let out a screech.

“She’s telling us to run. She can’t hold him that long.” –Saphiro said.

“I’M NOT LEAVING HER!”- Lonyer yelled. He then started running towards Sallyia.

“Lonyer, wait!”-Arith said, but no one could stop him.

“SALLYIA, please! I need you.” –Lonyer said while looking up at her. He was tearing up already.

Sallyia remembered that day in 4th grade when Lonyer and she met for the first time. That same day some boys were bothering her at break time, and Lonyer came and defended her. Never again those boys bothered her. From the day on, she promised to return the favor one day. Today was that day.

It hurt her more than anything what she was about to do. But she quickly used part of her tail and pushed Lonyer away, making him land near the group just to keep him safe.

The other worm then started fighting back. He began using the same anaconda technique as Sallyia. Strangling her as well. Both worms were all tangled up, using all of their strength left. Seconds later, the worm exploded and Sallyia flew and landed in the sand.

Lonyer stood up and ran towards her wife’s body. He kneeled; hold her closely to his chest, grabbing her silky red hair and her hand. She looked at him one last time and let the most sincere grin there ever was. “I did it, Lonyer.” –She then shattered into a million pieces, disappearing in thin air. 

The End

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