The Desert {Part 8}

This was not your typical defenseless and fragile worm you see every day hiding under rocks in the soil. This particular worm was massive. It had no eyes but it had a gigantic mouth with numerous sharp teeth. The whole group was standing in the opposite side where the worm was at. The pond was the only thing in between separating them right now.

“Just what we needed! A big ass invertebrate to crash our little vacation!” –Tanfesor said.

“It was just a matter of time till they sent another obstacle our way.” –Kalaila said while holding her sword with dear life.

“The worm’s not even moving. What is he waiting for?” –Riri asked while looking up at him.

“Zoo boy, I bet you have the answer for that.” –Cresio said while trying to look tough but you could easily see that he was crapping his pants.

“I think I do. Worms have no eyes. However, they have light- and touch-sensitive organs called receptor cells. These cells help them sense differences in light intensity and to feel vibrations in the ground. “–Saphiro said.

“English please?” –Xerio said.

“In other words, we can’t afford to move a lot. He’ll sense our movements and will know where we at.” –Dalaila said.

“That’s correct. That’s why he hasn’t attacked us yet. He found us because he sensed our movements while we were all swimming and doing our thing. Now that he’s here and we’re not moving, he’s confused. He’s waiting to detect any slightly movement from us.” –Saphiro said.

“Standing still in the middle of the desert while the sun is hitting us directly, it’s not the easiest thing to be doing right now.” –Mrs. Shosy said.

Q slowly nudged at Qlamperun. He looked at her. She was pointing at the sky. Then it hit him immediately what she was trying to tell him.

“Saphiro, you said worms detect ground vibrations, right? So how about we use the sky to our advantage. He won’t feel any of our movements if we fly.”

“True, but they can also detect changes in light. Meaning that we can’t stand in front of the sun or else he’ll notice the light changing.” –Saphiro said.

“We’re basically trapped then.” –May-Ling said

“We’re not. Keep thinking. There needs to be a way out of here.” –Ukriki said.

“He’s right. Come on, guys. Use those brains.” –Arith said.

Sun was getting stronger. It was getting hotter and hotter.

Everyone was sweating a lot. Xerio was holding his surf board with one hand, but in a matter of seconds his sweaty hand accidentally released his surf board. Falling directly into the sand.

That was enough for the worm to look directly at them. He began moving towards the group. 

The End

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