The Desert {Part 7}

“That’s quite the story, darling. Doesn’t it feel good to talk to others about your life?” –Parza asked.

“Indeed. This is odd for me. Opening up to people like this, you know?” –Miss Uni said.

“I feel flattered that you told me part of your life story. Thank you.” –Parza said giving the sweetest smile. All her wrinkles were visible when she smiled but you could tell it was one of the most sincere ones out there.

Miss Uni felt a bit of movement. She looked up at the palm trees.

“Something wrong, sweetie?” –Parza asked.

Miss Uni then stood up and took a closer look at those palm trees. Yes, all their leaves were moving. And no, it wasn’t Wimphia’s air refreshing us since she was in the other side of the oasis.

“Something’s happening.” –Miss Uni said. She then turned around facing the water where Hariah was swimming at next to other people. “Miss Hariah, get out now!”

Hariah gave her a confused look. “No! Leave me alone!” –Hariah yelled back.

Miss Uni knew she didn’t have that leader spirit inside her. People didn’t really listen to her as much. So she ran towards a person she knew they would listen to… Arith.

“Arith, something’s going on. Look!” –She said while pointing at the plan trees above them.

Arith noticed immediately. Leaves were moving up and down. Arith then yelled… “GET OUT! EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE WATER, NOW! REGROUP!”

Seconds later the ground began shaking. Stronger and stronger every second that passed by.

Miss Uni quickly ran back to Parza. Grabbed the wheelchair and started pushing her back where everyone was regrouping.

“What’s happening, dearie?” –Parza asked calmly.

“Someone or something is approaching.” –Miss Uni said.

Right under where Parza was seconds ago, a colossal sand worm appeared to the surface.

“Is it here?” –Parza asked. “Yes” –Miss Uni said while pushing her even faster. “It just arrived.”

The End

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