The Desert {Part 6}

 “Miss Hariah, I would advise to cover your skin. Sun is quite strong and you might get burnt really easily.” –Madame Uni said.

“Ugh, I know. I’m not a kid anymore.” –Hariah said while rolling her eyes. “Riri, let’s go swimming.” –Hariah said while taking her hand and heading towards the water.

“From my experience with children they can get very stubborn sometimes. And you might feel as if they truly hate you, but trust me when I tell you this, darling. Deep down she cares about you.” –Parza said to her while sitting in her wheelchair next to her.

“I don’t know. She’s always been that way towards me.” –Madame Uni said.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself. It seems like all we hear from you is related to Hariah. And I’d like to get to know you in a deeper way, if you don’t mind, darling.” –Parza said while brushing her gray long hair with her fingers.

Madame Uni stared at the floor without saying one word.

“Don’t feel pressured, sweetheart. I’m just asking because I know there’s more to you. And at my 80 years of age, I’ve learned to know when someone is in need to talk about their life with someone else.” –Parza said while looking at her.

Madame Uni looked up to her. “I haven’t had the easiest life. I ran away from home when I was 18. You see, my father died when I was 4 years of age from an unknown disease. Years later, my mother married this other guy who became my stepdad. However, he was always rude to me. Calling me names and even hitting me. I always try telling mother about what he was doing but she never listened.  So one night I just packed some of my stuff and left without saying a word. I just opened my wings and flew away. Where I was heading? I had no clue. I flew almost all night. Wind was hitting my face gently. Moon was shining bright. Lots of stars that night. For the first time in my life I felt free. As I watched the sunrise I knew I had to stop somewhere to eat. Luckily, I was flying right under a small town called Jafto. I landed right next to a small restaurant. My stomach was grumbling so I walked in. I ordered some breakfast and ate it faster than anything. Right before I was about to pay I realized I left the small money I had back at my house. I tried telling the manager if I could give an item I had in exchange of paying for the breakfast but the manager got upset and started raising his voice. “Here, I’ll take care of this.” –Said very well dressed guy while handing the manager some money. The manager then took the money and left. “Uh, thank you. But, why did you help me?”  -I asked him. “I’ve known the manager of this restaurant for years now. And trust me, he loves his money. And if you can’t pay, then you better prepare for hell. That’s why I helped you avoid all of it.” –The man said. “Oh. Thank you again.” –I said.”. “My name is Dunton, by the way.” –He said. “I’m Uni.” –I said a little embarrassed. He was cute. He had these light brown eyes with nice brown hair and a perfect smile. “Where are you heading?” –Dunton asked me. “I’m not sure…” –I said. “Hey, how about you come with me? My boss will probably give you a job! That’s if, you want one.” –Dunton said. “Your boss?” –I asked a little bit confused. A little girl then came running towards Dunton. “Dun, can we go now?” –The little girl asked. “Of course, Miss. Hariah! We’re about to leave.” –Dunton said. He then looked at me and said “Uni, come with us!” –Dunton said while taking my hand. He then took me outside were there was a limousine. “This is yours?” –I asked. He laughed. “I wish! But no, it’s my bosses’. Hariah’s dad is a multibillionaire entrepreneur. I’m just the limo driver! That’s why I’m asking you to come with us; I’m heading back to their mansion. And I’m sure my boss will give you a job there!” –He said in a very excited tone. “Fine, I’ll go.” –I said. Dunton opened the back door of the limo “After you.” –He said. I know I blushed. But I got in and sat next to Hariah. He then closed the door. “Hi! I’m Hariah! Who are you?” –Hariah asked. “Hi, Hariah. My name’s Uni. Nice to meet you.” –I said. “Yay! We can be friends!” –She said. I just smiled.

That was the first time I met Hariah, the  guy I was going to fall deeply in love with and the beginning of a whole new adventure.  

The End

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