The Desert {Part 5}

The sun shined brighter and brighter by the minute. Every step they took felt harder and heavier. Saphiro, who was next to Arith leading the group, turned around just to see everyone. He could see how exhausted their faced looked. “Arith, we should make a quick stop.” –Saphiro said. Arith looked back as well, “You’re right.” Arith then cleared his throat and said in a loud voice, “We’re stopping here for a break!”

“A break right below this hell of a sun?” –Hariah said.

“I can help I think.” –Finia said. Out of nowhere huge palm trees emerged right under all that sand, forming a perfect circle.

“Sweet! My turn now.” –Xerio said. Right in the middle of all those palm trees water appeared, forming a lake.

“That’s just what we needed. An oasis.” –Ishuni said. “Thank you, both of you.”

Everyone rushed towards the oasis. Some just lay down under the palm tree’s shadows. Others immediately jumped to the lake to freshen up and drink some water.

Saphiro approached the lake, using his hands to grab some water to drink and then throwing some on his face. He then turned around and sat down under a palm tree. He watched as Arith jumped to the lake. Watched how the sunlight hit directly to his handsome face. Making his white eyes shine like never before.

“It’s quite obvious, you know.” –Jaliah said while sitting next to him. Saphiro immediately stopped looking at Arith. “Wh-what?” –Saphiro asked. He was blushing once again. “Oh please. You’re looking at him like everyone else is looking at this water right now.” –Jaliah said with a smirk. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” –Saphiro said while not even looking at Jaliah. “It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me. Even though you’re way too obvious.” –Jaliah stood up, gave him a pad on his back and walked away.

“No way. I can’t be this obvious! If Jaliah knows then… Arith might as well know, too. No no no.” –Saphiro thought to himself.

“And by the way, you should tell him how you feel as soon as you can. Look around us; we’re trapped in this unknown place where people can die at any second. You never know who might be next.” –Jaliah said.

Saphiro didn’t respond. He just sat there. Thinking about what Jaliah just said to him. Could he be right? Should I just… tell him? “Stay focused, Saphiro. You can’t let these feeling cloud your vision. But if you’re not going to tell him the truth, then make damn sure to keep Arith alive.” –He said to himself.

The End

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