The Desert {Part 2}

“Are you for real? From a beach to a forest, from a forest to a cave, from a cave to a city, from a city to a golden palace, from the golden palace to falling to our death and now a desert? Can this get anymore idiotic?” –Mrs. Shosy said.

“Our surrounding will probably keep changing very often. Whoever is doing this to us wants to test us.” –Ukriki said while taking the baby from his wife’s arms and carrying him himself.

“Correct, we just need to keep it together.” –Zezrom said.

Q gave Qlamperun a nudge with her elbow. Qlamperun looked at her. “What?” –He asked. Q then pointed at Cresio. “I’m not apologizing to him!” –Qlamperun said. Q hit him again, but this time it was with more strength. “Argh! OKAY okay…. Fine.” Qlamperun approached Cresio. Not wanting to really talk to him but he knew there had to be some peace between the group if they want to survive around here. “So um, I’m sorry.” –Qlamperun said. Cresio turned around to face him. “No… You were right to call me all that stuff. Thanks to me everyone almost died.” –Cresio said while raising his tone, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Yes, you were stupid.” –Qlamperun thought. But he knew it could’ve happened to anyone. He was just trying to protect them from those knights. “Yes you were impulsive. Yes you were giving us attitude. But you came back and you tried to protect us. That just shows that you do care about the group.” –Qlamperun said to him. Cresio just looked down. “I’m so sorry.” –He said.

“Young man, you’re apologizing. That takes a lot of courage. You’re a good boy. And know that we all care about you.” –Parza said while giving him a sincere smile.

“Parza’s right. We do care about you. We’re a team. Let’s not forget who the real enemy is.” –Sallyia said.

Nalaila walked towards Cresio and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Now smile!” –She said in a sweet tone.

Cresio quickly jumped with Nalaila’s kiss, making him blush. “I know Cresio’s hair and eyes are red, but am I seeing him blush?” –Tanfesor said while letting out a laugh. People joined him laughing.

“Okay, that’s enough…” –Cresio said trying to stop the blushing covering his whole face. “But really, thanks for the support. I’ll try not to be that much of an jerk.” –He said.

Q turned to see Qlamperun, giving him a smirk. “Yeah yeah… you were right about apologizing.” Q just nodded.

“So now what? We’re in the middle of a desert. And I feel like I’m melting.” –Kalaila said.

“It’s indeed very hot right now.” –Youno said while covering his eyes from the sun.

“Well, all we can do right now is walk and see what we’ll find. We have Xerio to provide us with water if we need it and Wimphia with some refreshing wind.” –Saphiro said.

“You got it” –Xerio said. “I’ll try my best.” –Wimphia said.

“Okay then, here we go.” –Arith said while leading the way. The group followed right behind.

The End

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