The Desert {Part 1}

Yiuni and Youno opened the force field, releasing the whole water inside of it and everyone in it. They all took a deep breath, regaining all the oxygen. “That… was… a close…call.” –Cyfon said while breathing and coughing.

The rest of the group landed right next to them. Finia and Fifer quickly freed themselves from Tanfesor’s arms. They ran towards their big sister. “May!” –Finia let out while giving her a hug. Not worrying about how wet his sister was. “May… That scared me…” –Fifer said with a sad face. May-Ling’s heart dropped. Fifer was never scared. “He is such a brave boy. The fact that he just admitted how scared he was means he was more than terrified. And I don’t blame him. We could’ve all died right here.” –May-Ling thought. “I know. But we’re fine now.” –She said while giving both of his siblings a hug.

“Is everyone okay?” –Arith asked while looking at everyone. “No one’s hurt?” People just nodded. Everyone was safe. But you could still see in people’s face how shocked they still were. And how couldn’t they? They all just fell from an incredibly high place. Everyone was supposed to die. But no one did.

A note slowly landed right next to Hariah’s right foot. She picked it up and began reading it, “Oh my oh my. That was surely a surprise! I was betting for at least 5 of you to die on this… such a shame. But don’t despair, my dearies. That more trouble will be waiting.” Hariah crushed the piece of paper with her fist. “How about you get your ass down here so I can beat your ugly face with my metal fist!” –Hariah yelled with such anger while looking at the sky. Madame Uni approached her, putting her hand on Hariah’s shoulder. “Don’t touch me!” –Hariah said while pushing her servant’s hand away. “We could’ve died! We could’ve all died!” –Hariah kept screaming, tears filling her eyes.

“But no one did.” –Saphiro said. “Trust me; we all want to bring justice to whoever is doing this to us. Whoever has been abducting 30 of our people for the last 800 years.”

Riri grabbed Hariah and hugged her. “We will be fine.” –Riri said to her friend.

“Guys, not like I want to interrupt but look around.” –Jaliah said.

Everyone began looking left and right. Sand. All they could see was sand. Nothing else. They were all in the middle of a desert. With the sun hitting their bodies at full strength.


The End

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