The Falling {Part 4}

“Yiuni, grab my hand!” –His twin brother screamed. “I-can’t… reach it!” –Yiuni said while stretching her hand as much as she could. Younu looked down. He calculated two more minutes till they hit the ground. He turned his eyes to his sister. “Sister, we can do this! Come on!” –Youno said. Both of them tried their very best to touch with their hands. After much effort their fingers found each other, and Younu finally found a grip and grabbed her hand. “Yiuni listen! We need to form the force field. That’s going to protect us from dying!” –He said while looking back down. “Brother, what about the others? Look on top of you!” –Yiuni said while pointing at them. Youno looked up just to see May-Ling, Mrs.Shosy, Xerio, Ukriki and Cyfon scattered all over the place on top of them. Still falling. “We can’t leave them to die! None of them have the ability to fly!” –Yiuni said while her black hair was all over her face. “Yiuni, how are we going to bring all of them together to fit in our force field? They’re all around the place! They can’t even hear us!” –He said. “Let’s create it now! They’re going to see the force field and they’ll know what we’re trying to do.” –She said. Youno nodded. They connected both hands together and closed their eyes. A force field quickly began to form around them, leaving a hole at the top.

May-Ling watched at the twins formed the force field. “That’s my only hope to survive.” –She thought. “But how am I getting there?” She looked around just to see Ukriki. “Ukriki! Here!” –She screamed. Ukriki looked at his left just to see her. Then it hit her. May-Ling had an idea. But she needs someone else for her plan to work. “Ukriki, your trident!” –She yelled at him. Ukriki quickly understood what she was trying to say. He then used his trident and stretched it towards May-Ling. She then grabbed the pointy end and Ukriki pulled her until they touched each other. “Listen to me. We have no time left! We probably have less than 50 seconds. I’m going to use my sonic scream to push us towards the others and make our way inside the force field. I’ll need you to use your trident for the others to grab to!” –May-Ling said. “Understood, let’s go!” –Ukriki said. May-Ling grabbed Ukriki’s hand and immediately started to scream. And they began moving as if they were in some motor boat. They approached Mrs. Shosy first “Quick, grab my trident!” –Ukriki yelled at her. Without hesitation Mrs. Shosy grabbed the trident. “I see Xerio!” –Ukriki yelled. May-Ling kept screaming, making her way towards the surfer. Xerio watched as the three of them were heading for him. He understood what he had to do. He waited for the right second and then grabbed Ukriki’s trident, grabbing his surf board with his other hand. “One more!” –Ukriki said. Cyfon was the last one. “But he’s blind. He doesn’t know what we’re doing.” –Ukriki thought. “I’ll grab him!” – Mrs. Shosy said. Mrs.Shosy was the perfect person to do such thing. She’s incredibly strong. She’ll have no trouble grabbing the half cyborg and half human. 20 seconds till they hit the ground. They could see the green land right under them.  May-Ling kept screaming, almost out of breathe. Mrs. Shosy stretched her arm until she grabbed Cyfon by his arm. “Gotcha.” –Mrs. Shosy said. “Now towards the force field!” –Ukriki yelled. 10 seconds till hitting the ground. “One last effort.” –May thought. They were getting closer and closer until they reached the inside of the force field, everyone tumbling against each other. Youno and Yiuni quickly sealed the force field shut. “Everyone, hold your breath! I’m filling this sphere with water to weaken the impact!” –Xerio said. The seven of them took a deep breathe. 5 seconds till impact. Xerio quickly filled the force field with water in a matter of milliseconds. 4… 3…2…1… And they hit land.  

The End

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