The Falling {Part 3}

Seconds later Jaliah’s body fell right in front of Zezrom’s and Parza’s eyes. “Can you save him?” –Parza asked desperately. “Hopefully I can.” –Zezrom said. He rapidly closed his eyes and tried to focus on Jaliah. Stop. Stop. Stop. “You did it!” –Parza screamed with joy. Zezrom quickly opened his eyes just to see Jaliah levitating just like them. Zezrom then pulled him back up with them using his mind. “Hey, darling.” –Parza said. “I-I don’t even know… what t-to say.” –Jaliah said with his eyes wide open. “Zezrom just saved both of us.” –The old lady said with a sincere smile. “Th-thank you. That was so… intense.” –Jaliah said still in shock. “Indeed it is.” –Zezrom said.

Madame Uni wasn’t worried of her life. She was a vampire after all. Her eyes turned red, fangs came out her teeth and black wings out of her back. She had other worries. Worries like finding Hariah. She swore to protect her. She made that promise the day Hariah was born. And even though Hariah wasn’t too thankful of her help, she still did her job as her maid. She then snapped out of it when he saw this brown-haired girl falling right below her. Madame Uni quickly flew as fast as she could towards her, grabbing her by her stomach. “Glad I found you, Miss. Hariah.” –Madame Uni said with relief. “It’s always you. But… thank you.” –Hariah said. “Did she really just thank me?” –Madame Uni thought. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by Hariah’s scream. “Madame Uni! Look! It’s Riri!! We need to save her!” Without any hesitation Madame Uni prepared her wings and started to make her way towards the pink-haired girl. “Faster!” –Hariah said. Madame Uni was trying her very best. Once they were closer, Hariah stretched her arm. “Riri! Up here!” –Hariah yelled. Riri looked up stretching her arm as well. Their fingers barely touching. “Madame Uni, a little bit closer!” –Hariah screamed. Madame Uni flapped her wings as fast as possible. Hariah’s and Riri’s hands finally found each other. “I can’t hold both of you. It’s too heavy!” –Madame Uni said while struggling to hold their bodies. “I can fix that!” –Riri said. She instantly shrunk herself to the size of Hariah’s pinky. Hariah closed her hands, holding Riri inside them. “Hell yeah! That’s what I call teamwork!” –Hariah said very excited. Madame Uni just smiled. 

The End

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