The Falling {Part 2}

“Kalaila! Let me touch your wings!” –Lonyer yelled from the distance. Kalaila didn’t understand at first, but then it hit her. Whatever Lonyer touches, he becomes that object. She quickly flew towards him, with Ishuni and Ninko. Lonyer stretched his hand until the tip of his finger touched her right wing. Lonyer immediately turned into an exact copy of Kalaila’s wings.  The wings quickly made its way into Sallyia’s back, attaching to her body. Sallyia stopped falling. She was now flying. She looked back at the new wings she just had. “Lonyer.” –She said with a smile and with relief. “Let’s rescue some lives.” –She said with determination. With Lonyer flapping his wings and Sallyia guiding him, they spotted the white-haired girl, Wimphia. “Lonyer, move those wings as fast as you can!” –She said while making her way down to her as fast as the wings let her. “Wimphia, stretch your arm!” –Sallyia yelled. Wimphia and Sallyia tried their very best to stretch their hand as much as possible, until they finally find each other. Wimphia hold tight to her hand. Sallyia then grabbed both hands and then her body. “There. Safe and sound.” –Sallyia said. Wimphia let out a big sigh. “Th-thank you.” –Wimphia said nervously. “Thank Lonyer too. He’s back there holding us.”

The silent Q then turned into a ghost-like form, heading towards Qlamperun. She immediately got inside his body; taking control of him, stopping him from falling and making him float.

Zezrom knew his telekinesis would come in handy at this point. But he knew his ability was limited. He could only help a certain amount of people. Not everyone. His mind was capable of controlling a certain amount of people.  And he hated that. As his body was still falling, he stopped himself, making him levitate. He looked around, trying to see who he could help out. He looked on top of him just to see Parza out of her wheelchair falling. He immediately stopped her, placing her gently back into her wheelchair. “I’m not going to lie. That was scary, but I secretly liked the falling sensation. Reminds me when I was young and rode those roller-coasters.”-Parza said. “You never fail to surprise me, Parza.” –Zezrom said back. She giggled. “Thank you, Zezrom.” –She said smiling. 

The End

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