The Falling {Part 1}

Screams filled the air. Everyone was panicking. Everyone’s bodies scattered all over the air, falling.

Saphiro was the first one to react, turning into a huge bald eagle. He instantly flew towards the closest person from him, using his claw to grab Arith from his shoulders. "Phiro, you should've gone for someone else instead of me." -Arith said. Saphiro just ignored him. He knew Arith, he would put everyone first before him. But he wasn't letting his close friend die.

The three sisters immediately spread her white wings wide open. “Go help as many people as you can!” –Kalaila yelled at them. The three of them split into different ways. Dalaila made his way towards Tanfesor, grabbing him with both of her hands. “I always knew you would rescue me. You can’t picture your life without me.” –Tanfesor said. “Shush up. People are falling! We need to help them!” –Dalaila said frustrated.  “Right. Quick, get closer to the kids!” –Tanfesor said. Dalaila followed his order. Tanfesor then stretched his hands more and more. Until he caught Finia and Fifer with both hands. “Hey, buddies.” –Tanfesor said smiling at them.

Nalaila made her way towards Cresio, grabbing him in midair. “Hi! Got you.” –She said in a sweet tone. “Leave me alone! I deserve to die!” –Cresio said. “Don’t be harsh on yourself. I’m not letting you go.” –She said. For some reason Nalaila’s voice calmed him down. He just stopped arguing.

Kalaila spotted Ishuni holding her baby very well. She instantly made her way towards her, taking her with her arms. “You and your son are safe now.” –She said. “My husband!” –Ishuni yelled. “I’m sorry, Ishuni. I don’t have the strength to hold many people.” –Kalaila said feeling guilty. 

The End

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