The Golden Palace {Part 6}

 The Golden Palace’s floor slowly started to melt. Similar to quick sand.

“This is not good! Not good at all!” –Tanfesor said while struggling getting out of the melting gold floor.

“Oh no.” –Zezrom said.

“Quite a late reaction, Zezrom.” –Jaliah said while trying to use his hands to get out, but it wasn’t working very well.

“No. Everyone, this is worse than I thought.” –Zezrom said with a worries look.

“We all know that, Einstein.” –Cresio said sarcastically.

“No, listen. There’s absolutely nothing under this Castle. Remember? There’s no ground or any solid base. We’re elevated high in the sky. ” –Zezrom said while touching his brown hair.

“Which means, we’re going to practically skydive for a moment before hitting the ground.” –Cyfon said.

“Nice way to put it.” –Kalaila said.

“Listen up! We need to stop talking and do something about it before our entire bodies get absorbed by this and then get thrown into the abyss.” –Arith said.

“We have some people here who can fly and use their abilities to help others.” –Ishuni said while holding Ninko with her arms.

“We can’t even start flying. Our wings are stuck with the melted gold.” –Dalaila said still struggling.

Arith then tried using his ice abilities to freeze the gold. But it didn’t work. Nothing came out. “This isn’t good. I think this gold is preventing us from using our powers somehow!” –Arith said.

Everyone quickly tried using it to see if he was right. But unfortunately, he was. It’s as if everyone just lost their abilities.

They all just kept drowning and drowning even deeper. The melted gold was reaching their necks now.

“I refuse to die like this!” –Hariah yelled.

“No one is dying. Listen, the gold is the one preventing us from using our powers.” –Saphiro said lifting his chin up to avoid the gold getting into his mouth. “So once all our bodies go through the melted gold and we’re falling in mid-air, those who can fly and help in any way, will have to try and save as many of us as possible.” –Saphiro said.

There was no reply. He could now see just everyone’s eyes. He knew they all listened to him but no one could answer. Since the gold reached their mouths already, him included. He just hoped this would work and no one would be left behind.

Seconds later, everyone began free falling. Bodies everywhere. Heading towards their death.




The End

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