The Golden Palace {Part 5}

Cyfon’s impediment of not being able to see wasn’t an obstacle for him when it came to fight someone.

The half human and half cyborg guy stood there calmly, waiting for the knight to get closer to him. He used his hearing sense to know when to attack.

“Now die.” –Cyfon said while pressing his arm-like weapon. Releasing this blue spikes, hitting the knight’s chest. The knight fell to his back. And seconds later, his body melted.

After his defeat, several walls inside the Golden Palace began melting.

“This was all a trap.” –Riri said.

“What do you mean?” –Hariah asked.

“Don’t see all see it? Every time we defeat a knight, something melts. There’s just one knight left. And if he’s killed, then this whole place will melt. With all of us inside.” –Riri said.

“How stupid can we be?” –Arith said in frustration.

“It took a girl with pink hair to figure this out. No offense to you, Riri.” –Tanfesor said.

“None taken.” –Riri said.

“So what now? If we don’t get rid of the last knight, then he might kill us.” –Sallyia said.

The last golden knight began moving towards the group.

“We need to think fast! He’s coming!” –Lonyer said nervously.

“Okay, let’s tie him first while we think!”- Arith said.

The knight was already in front of the group, raising his sword to slash someone.

“I’ll do it. I’ll stop him with my mind while we think of-“ –Zezrom was saying before getting interrupted by Cresio.

The red-haired guy, who got upset and left the room, came back. He was now behind of the knight; he quickly threw acid from his hands and into the knight’s back. The acid dissolved his back armor completely.

“Wait! Stop, Cresio!” –Kalaila yelled.

But Cresio didn’t listen. He threw acid to the same spot. Just that this time, it dissolved the whole knight’s back. The golden warrior fell into the ground. Disappearing into thin air.

Qlamperun quickly rushed towards Cresio and pushing him. “What have you done?!” –Qlamperun said angrily.

“What’s the matter? I saw the knight in front you guys and none of you were doing something. So I figured you all needed help.” –Cresio said.

“You’re an idiot!!” –Qlamperun said. “That was a mistake!”

“What…? I don’t understand.” –Cresio said extremely confused.

“It was a trap! We were NOT supposed to kill the knights!” –Qlamperun kept yelling at him.

“Why?” –Cresio asked.

In that same instant, the whole castle began melting. Walls, roof, everything.

“Does this answer your question?!” –Qlamperun said.

“Stop. Leave him alone, Qlamperun. He didn’t know. Let’s not waste time and figure out what we’re going to do now.” –Sallyia said.

“It’s too late. The floors starting to melt as well.” –Nalaila said.






The End

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