The Golden Palace {Part 3}

“Seriously, what the hell’s happening?” –Tanfesor said.

“This is so predictable. Obviously this was going to be a trap.” –Qlamperun said.

“Pretty sure we all knew that, Qlamperun. But we have no other option than to follow what those notes say.” –Arith said.

“Yes. Remember what happened last time we didn’t followed instructions? We decided to take a detour and sleep in that cave. As a consequence, we faced terrible monsters and lost one of ours.” –Ukriki said.

“But even if we follow those commands given to us, we’re still going to face danger. Like right now, we’re apparently trapped inside this Golden Palace.” –Yiuni said.

“Maybe not. Maybe whoever is doing this to us, wants to test us. And maybe there’s always a way to survive, we just need to find which one it is without losing one of our own.” –Saphiro said.

“Okay genius, then what’s the way out from here?” –Cresio said sarcastically.

“Shut up you idiot! At least Saphiro has done something good for all of us. He saved my sister! What have you done?!” –Fifer said with such bravery.

“Oh shush your mouth, kid.” –Cresio said not even looking at him.

May-Ling quickly rushed towards him. Pushing him towards the golden wall and grabbing him by his neck.

“Listen to me, Cresio. I wouldn’t mind dwindling this group to 28 people in this same instant. So you better be respectful to my brother and everyone in here.” –May-Ling said while releasing his neck.

Cresio fell to the ground. Grasping for air. “I don’t need any of you!” –Cresio said while standing up and rushing away from the group.

“Let him go.” –Arith said. “If he doesn’t want to work with us then let him deal with it alone.”

No one seemed to oppose.

In that same instant 3 knights with shining gold armor appeared in front of the group. They were covered from head to toe with golden protection. You couldn’t even see their faces. The three knights let out their golden sword, as if they were all in sync.

“Oh dear.” –Was all Mrs. Shosy let out.



The End

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