The Golden Palace {Part 2}

The sun was shining bright. Everyone was glad to at least have some light hit their faces. They were already exhausted of being under shadows all the time, with no light whatsoever. The closest to light they had was what Ukriki provided them with.

But that was probably the only good thing they could all think about. Yes, they were walking on these stair-like fluffy white clouds. Under this beautiful blue sky with the sun shining like never before, but they all knew they were heading towards another dangerous place. Or as the letter said, to area number two.

The group finally reached the last cloud at the very top. They had the Golden Palace right in front of them now.

“This place looks huge.” –Youno said.

“I know right? It looks much bigger now.” –His sister Yiuni said.

“Oh yes, it definitely looks huge.” –Cyfon said sarcastically.

Everyone just laughed, including Cyfon.

“Humor it’s always well appreciated! It keeps our spirits up.” –Arith said. “But at the same time we need to be careful.”

The huge door at the entrance began to slowly open itself inwards.

“Oh, it’s opening.” –Wimphia said.

“I don’t think we have any other option right now, we need to enter the palace.” –Zezrom said.

“Right, let’s go.” –Arith said while making his way inside the Golden Palace.

The entire group entered. They were now in what it seemed to be a huge living room. Everything around them was made of gold. The couches, the windows, the rugs, the chairs, the tables, etc.

“Throughout my life I’ve seen and had a lot of gold. But never something like this. I have to say, they have pretty bad taste to have everything made of gold.” –The rich girl Hariah said.

“Why bring us here though?” –Qlamperun asked.

“That’s what everyone’s wondering.” –Jaliah said.

A loud sound then echoed in the living room. Everyone quickly turned around to realize the door was shut closed once again.

“Well, now we clearly know they don’t want us to leave this place any time soon.” –Sallyia said.


The End

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