The Black Forest {Part 11}

“So what’s your story, Xerio?” –Jaliah said while walking and pushing Parza’s wheelchair at the same time.

The blue-haired guy holding his surf board looked at him. “Dude, my story isn’t that interesting. Trust me.” –Xerio said.

“We are still walking through this forest and I’m honestly tired of seeing these black trees all around us. I think a story would be pretty entertaining right now.” –Jaliah said.

“I second that.” –Parza said who was listening to both of them.

“Fine. Well, as I said to the group when we first introduced each other, I was born in this place called Tatsui Beach. My mom and dad were professional surfers. They always participated in surfing championships. They always won every single one of them. They were unbeatable. At the age of 6, my parents bought me my very first surf board. Every morning we went to the beach together and they began teaching me the basics of surfing. We kept doing that every morning. I was so eager to learn more and more. I wanted to be just like my dad and mom. Two years passed and pretty much have mastered the techniques, with just 8 years old. My dad even got me my very first professional surf board, which is the one I’m carrying right now. I always mixed my water abilities with surfing. Making different twists with the waves. My family and I always had so much fun.” –Xerio said.

Jaliah then noticed a sad look on Xerio’s face. “What’s wrong?” –Jaliah asked.

Xerio continued. “It was until one day that everything changed. As usual, us three went surfing. My dad got ready to grab this wave. I stayed with mom, we wanted to watch him. I saw as my role model got ready, he quickly stood up on his surf board and he began conquering that wave, as he always does. My mom and I were cheering at him. We yelled ´Go dad! Or ´You’re amazing!´. But it was in that instant when he made eye contact with us, and then it happened, he slipped. He fell off his board, hitting his head with the edge. My mom and I quickly made our way where he fell. He was nowhere to be found. My mom submerged and began looking for him. I tried using my water abilities to look for him, but I was just a kid. I was crying and trying my best. We never found him. It’s as if the ocean took him. From that day on, it’s just been my mom and I. We still go to the beach and surf together. Every time we surf, every time we are in the ocean, every time we hear the waves crashing into the sand, we feel dad is around us. Even though we miss him terribly and would love to have him back, we know he’s watching us. And he’s proud of us. Mom has been a single mom since then, always taking care of me, even though I’m 22 now. She never misses my surfing tournaments. I’m following my dad‘s steps. I promised I was going to become the best surfer that there ever was. I just want to make him proud. Both my mom and dad.” –Xerio said while some tears began coming down his eyes.

“Xerio, I’m sorry. I’m sure your mom and specially your dad are beyond proud of you.” –Jaliah said.

“I hope so. But what’s hurting the most right now is that I left my mom alone. I was participating in this surfing tournament; I was riding this wave, when one of the sudden I was gone. Just like that. And I woke up with my surf board in this other beach we all woke up at.” –Xerio said while looking at Jaliah.

“What is my mom going to think?! She’ll think I died too! She’ll stay alone!” –Xerio raised his voice while crying.

“But you are not dead, darling.”-Parza said. She then continued. “We are getting out of here and once we do, you’ll go to your mom and give her a big hug.” –Parza said.

Xerio calmed down. He cleaned his tears with his arm. “I’m sorry. I just want my mom to know I’m fine. I hate thinking about what she’s going through in this same instant.” –Xerio said.

“We all have thought about that. What our love ones are going through, but all we can do is stay strong and getting out of here together.” –Jaliah said.

“You’re both right and that we will do.” –The tanned surfer said with a genuine smile.









The End

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