The Black Forest {Part 10}

 “I’m serious, this is very messed up. Whoever is making us go through this has to be some kind of lunatic.” –Tanfesor said.

“And it’s like he’s watching us 24/7, since he knows where we are and what’s happening around us.” –Wimphia said.

“Remember; don’t let these notes get to you. That’s what he wants.” –Cyfon said.

“What now?” –Riri asked.

“Now we keep walking. We need to finish getting through this forest. That’s what the first note we read said after all. We have just encountered some speed bumps throughout the way.” –Kalaila said.

“She’s right. We don’t really have any other option.” –Ukriki said.

“Let’s go then.” –Arith said.

The group then went back to follow the rocky trail through the forest, continuing their journey through the black and dark forest.

“You feel good to walk?” –May-Ling asked Finia.

“Yes, I’m feeling okay.” –Finia said.

“Okay, just stay close to me. You too, Fifer.” –May-Ling said while turning her gaze to Fifer.

The boy nodded and began walking to May’s right. Finia was in her left.

“So, we never finished our talk. I got 10 gorillas. How many did you killed?” –Qlamperun asked Q.

Q just looked at him with a smirk. She then opened both of her hands showing 10 fingers in total. She then closed both and opened one of them again, showing 3 with her fingers.

“What?! You killed 13? No way, you beat me.” –Qlamperun said

Q just smiled.

“I guess I really underestimated you. But you’re really a tough girl. One of the toughest I’ve met in my life. That’s a compliment, by the way.” –Qlamperun said.

Q punched him in his arm.

“Ouch, was that for being too sweet?” –Qlamperun said.

Q just nodded and gave him another smile. She then began walking forward, leaving him behind.

“That’s quite a girl.” –Qlamperun said.

“So, how did you two meet?” –Hariah asked Lonyer and Sallyia.

“Well, it was back when we were in 4th grade. I was new at the school. I didn’t talk to anyone because I was very shy. I remember sitting in the back left corner of the classroom. It was not until this red-haired girl turned her gaze to me. Giving me the most genuine smile I’ve ever seen.” –Lonyer said while grabbing Sallyia’s hand. He then continued. “She said to me, ‘Hi! You are new, right? Nice to meet you, I’m Sallyia.’ I just looked at her, terrified. I was just terrible at speaking to people, but I finally answered her. ‘H-hi, I’m Lonyer.’ Which she then replied, ‘Hi Lonyer! We can be friends.’ That was the beginning of our relationship.” –Lonyer said.

“From the point on we hanged out every break and lunch. We always sat together in class. It was until 7th grade that Lonyer asked me to be her girlfriend.” –Sallyia said.

“You have no idea how hard that was. The day before I was seriously sweating of how nervous I was.” –Lonyer said.

“Some things never change. He’s always been the shy and nervous one, but that’s why I love him.” –Sallyia said. She then continued. “We graduated from High School and then went to College. We both got accepted to the same University. It was right after we both finished our major that he proposed to me.” –Sallyia said.

“Awe! Where did he propose?” –Riri said who was walking next to Hariah and hearing the conversation.

“Well, he took me to that 4th grade classroom we first met. He had a fancy dinner all prepared, candles everywhere. We had a lovely dinner and at the end he proposed.” –Sallyia said.

“Again, I was dying of nervousness but it was one of the happiest days when she accepted.” –Lonyer said.

“That’s a nice ring.” –Riri said to Sallyia.

“Thank you, Riri. Months later we had our wedding. It was beautiful and after it we left to our honeymoon.” –Sallyia said.

“Where at?” –Hariah asked.

“To this snowy mountain cabin. It was beautiful.” –Sallyia said.

“It was right there. We were lying on the couch, next to the fireplace. Talking and laughing, when one of the sudden we just woke up in the middle of the beach. With all of you guys.” –Lonyer said.

“I’m sorry. It really sucks your honeymoon was interrupted like that.” –Riri said.

“It’s okay. At least we have each other here.” –Sallyia said.

“Oh gosh. You two are just way too in love.” –Hariah said while rolling her eyes.

Lonyer sand Sallyia just laughed.











The End

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