The Black Forest {Part 8}

“Okay, she’s probably dehydrated. Xerio, are you able to give her water?” –Saphiro asked.

“Of course, dude.” –Xerio said. He then kneeled next to Finia whose head was resting in May’s knee. “May-Ling, could you help me in opening her mouth please.” –Xerio said. May-Ling used both her hands to gently open her sister’s mouth. Xerio then used one of his hands and raised it right below Finia’s mouth. Water began dripping from his fingertips and into her mouth. “That will do it.” –Xerio said.

“Great. She’ll need food.” –Saphiro said.

“We will help with that.” –Lonyer said while holding Sallyia’s hand. “Yes, we will look for fruits or anything we can find.” –Sallyia said.

“Perfect, thank you.” –Saphiro said.

“Look at you. Taking the leadership role.” –Arith said with a smirk on his face. “Oh stop it. Just trying to help Finia.” –Saphiro said. “I know I know. You’ve always had a kind heart.” –Arith said to him. Saphiro looked at him this time. “Are you making fun of me or that’s a compliment? You know, we’ve known each other for so long now and I still can’t figure out when you’re being sarcastic and when you’re being serious.” –Saphiro said. “Haha. That’s a compliment, buddy.” –Arith said while patting his back. Saphiro gave him a smile.

“Guys, we found these.” –Lonyer said heading towards them. They had this circular red food. Similar to an apple but much smaller. “We found several of them like 10 trees away from here.” –Sallyia said.

“That should work.” –Saphiro said while taking it form their hands.

“Is that eatable? It can be poisoned for all we know”-  “Jaliah said.

“Only one way to figure out.” –Tanfesor said while taking one of the red circular things from Saphiro’s hand. He then swallowed it. Seconds later he fell to the ground.

“Tanfesor!” –Saphiro said with worry.

“Stay back. I’ll check him.” –Dalaila said. She then kneeled next to him. “Tanfesor, can you hear me?” –Dalaila said.

Tanfesor quickly jumped into his feet. “Ha! I got you all!” –Tanfesor said.

“Are you crazy?” –Mrs. Shosy said. “That’s not even funny.”

“Oh please, it was just a joke. Plus, at least now I know the smart girl cares about me.” –Tanfesor said while winking at Dalaila.

She then slapped him right in his face. “Ouch!” –Tanfesor let out in pain. “Well, I guess I deserved that.”

Saphiro just sighed. “Okay, that proves these things are eatable. May, help me move Finia into a sitting position so we can give her these things and it can be easier for her body to swallow it.”

May-Ling grabbed his sister and sat her down. Saphiro then opened her mouth and gave her two of those things.

“Good. She’s hydrated and with food inside her stomach.” –Saphiro said.

“What now?” –May-Ling asked.

“Now she needs to rest.” –Saphiro said.

“It’s getting dark.” –Riri said.

“True, let’s start a bonfire. That will keep Finia and everyone warm.” –Saphiro said.

“We already got wood.” –Yiuni said while holding stacks of wood around her arms. “Yes, Yiuni and myself went for some while you guys were treating Finia.” –Youno said.

“Thank you for that. Place it right here.” –Saphiro said.

Youno and Yiuni placed the wood sticks close to Finia.

“All we need is fire now. And we all know from whom.” –Saphiro said.

Jaliah then whistled at Cyfon. Cyfon then turned around and Jaliah waved at him to come. Cyfon, Madame Uni and Fifer made their way back.

“Yes?”- Cyfon asked.

“We need Fifer. Hey, could you do us a favor?” –Saphiro asked.

“Sure.” –Fifer said.

“We need you to light up this sticks over here. We’re going to do a bonfire.” –Saphiro said to him.

“Of course!” –Fifer said excited since he loved using his ability.

“Careful, Fifer. Don’t get too excited.” –May-Ling said.

Fifer then snapped his fingers, creating fire.

Wimphia then began making a little bit of breeze towards the fire to make it bigger and stronger.

“There, that should make it last quite a while.” –Wimphia said.

Everyone then sat around the fire. Some of them started to cuddle. Others were putting their hands closer to the fire to warm up.

Saphiro watched May-Ling still holding Finia. Fifer then sat down next to May-Ling, resting his head on her shoulder.  May-Ling wrapped her other arm around Fifer.

Saphiro just watched that sad but beautiful scene. “That’s love right there. I just hope Finia wakes up.” –Saphiro thought to himself while resting his head on Arith’s shoulder. He quickly jumped realizing what he was going. “I’m sorry!” –Saphiro said while blushing. “Phiro, it’s okay. You’ve done a lot today. Rest for a little bit. I’ll keep an eye on Finia.” –Arith said while pushing Saphiro’s head back to his shoulder. “Thank you.” –Saphiro said. He couldn’t believe he was resting his head on the guy he has always felt something for. His excitement then faded, falling into a deep sleep.



The End

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