The Black Forest {Part 7}

“Finia!!” –May-Ling yelled while rushing towards her sister.

She quickly sat down next to her little sister. She gently lifted her head and placed it on her knees. May-Ling began touching Finia’s orange hair with her fingers.

“Finia… I’m here. You are not alone.” –May-Ling whispered to her while tears were coming down her eyes.

“May, is sister going to be okay?” –Fifer said who was now next to May-Ling. You could tell he was holding back his tears.

May-Ling didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t lie to him. But at the same time she didn’t have the bravery right now to be honest with his little brother. Finia is his twin sister after all. They have always shared that bond since they were babies.

May-Ling just stood there. No words coming out her mouth.

“She will be fine.”-Saphiro said. Everyone looked at him as if he was crazy. The girl wasn’t waking up. It was obvious she was gone.

Saphiro noticed all the stares. “Phiro, if you’re trying to make May-Ling feel better with one of your speeches, then don’t.” –Arith whispered to him.

Saphiro looked at him and rolled his eyes. “No, you don’t get it.” –Saphiro said. He then walked towards Madame Uni. “Hey, could you take Fifer away from his sister for a second? “ –Saphiro asked her.

“Sure.” –Madame Uni said. She then walked towards Fifer. “Hey Fifer, want to come with me for a second?” –Madame Uni said. “I’m not leaving my sister!” –Fifer said. Cyfon heard Fifer’s response. He then said to him, “Hey big boy, they’re going to help your sister. But they need some space right now. I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you what else this beauty can do.” –Cyfon said while pointing at his cyborg arm that was a weapon. He knew Fifer has always been very intrigued by it.

Fifer looked at May-Ling as if looking for approval. “Go on. We’ll be okay.” –May-Ling said.

“But…” –Fifer said buy May-Ling interrupted. “But nothing. Your sister will be okay, we just need to cure her. She…is sleeping. She will wake up soon.” –May-Ling said. Which she knew she was lying since she wasn’t really sure if Finia was going to ever wake up.

Fifer just nodded and walked away with Cyfon and Madame Uni.

“Okay, listen May. I know what you’re thinking. I know what you are all thinking about Finia. And the answer is no. She’s not… dead.” –Saphiro said.

“Are you…sure?” –May-Ling said while holding up her tears.

“Yes and I’ll tell you why. What happens when something in this place dies?”-Saphiro asked in no one in particular.

“They disappear.” –Wimphia said.

“Exactly. Whenever someone dies they disappear into thin air. As if their body just turns into small molecules until they’re all gone.” –Saphiro said.

He then turned to see Ishuni. “Ishuni, isn’t that what happened with Benston?” –He asked.

“Yes. That was the last thing I saw. His body vanishing.” –Ishuni answered.

“Right. And you all saw how those monsters back at the cave and these gorillas disappeared as well.” –Saphiro said.

He then pointed at Finia. “So what I’m trying to say is, if she were to be dead then she would be gone by now. But she isn’t. She’s still here.” –Saphiro said.

“But she’s not even breathing.” –May-Ling said while looking at Finia’s face.

“Here’s when my theory comes in. You all saw what Finia did. The quiet and shy little girl we knew. She made all the trees of this forest come to life and made them her soldiers. She killed all the gorillas and saved May-Ling. She saved all of us. But in doing so, she used all her power and strength. Probably even more that she could handle. It was such great power she used, that her body shut down after it. And she fell into a state of unconsciousness.” –Saphiro said.

Saphiro then gave a smile to May-Ling.

“May, you sister isn’t dead. She just needs to recover. She saved all of our lives, now we will save hers.” –Saphiro said with a lot of determination.







The End

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