The Black Forest {Part 6}

 “What’s happening?!” –Kalaila yelled while still fighting with a red gorilla.

“Is this some kind of earthquake?” –Riri said while dodging a gorilla’s punch by making herself tiny.

“No, it’s my sister!” –Fifer said while pointing at her.

Finia’s eyes turned completely orange. Her orange hair began to levitate as if it was defying gravity. She had a blank expression in her face, not showing any emotion. She then started to move her arms higher, making the ground shake even more.

“What is she doing?!” –Cresio yelled.

“Look!” –Parza said while pointing at one of the trees in her left.

The huge black tree began moving from left to right. Its roots coming to the surface, as if it would be trying to unburied itself. Suddenly every single try surrounding them began doing the same thing. Trees, trees everywhere. This forest was full of them. And now they were all waking up.

In that same instant a tree’s root fired directly into a gorilla Wimphia was fighting with. Grabbing him by the stomach and squeezing him until it disappeared.

“Finia’s helping us!” –Wimphia yelled with a little bit of hope.

Every single tree began helping every single person that was fighting with a gorilla. Smashing them to the ground, squeezing them do death, throwing them into the sky, opening their bodies.

But Finia was especially after one. The dark blue-red gorilla. The one that took his sister, May-Ling.

Finia began controlling one tree that was next to her. She made the tree sprint, using his roots as if it were a car’s tires. The gorilla was running as fast as he could, still holding May-Ling with his hand.

Finia focused even more, making the tree go faster and faster. As soon as the tree was in good distance from the gorilla, it immediately shot one of his roots towards him. Grabbing him around his waist. With another root the tree opened the gorilla’s hand. Freeing May-Ling from his control.

“No one messes with my family.” –Finia yelled louder than ever.

The root then grabbed the dark blue-red gorilla and smashed his face into the ground. Making his head open in half. His body then dissapered. Dead.

The tree then returned with May-Ling to the group. Putting her gently on the ground. There was no gorilla to be seen. All of them were dead. Every tree then returned to their place, burying its roots once again and turning into normal trees.

Finia’s eyes turned into her normal color and her hair stopped levitating. She then fell into the ground.

Everything went completely silent after that.







The End

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