The Black Forest {Part 5}

 Without hesitation Q quickly turned herself into her ghostly form and immediately made her way directly into one of the gorilla’s body. Possessing him and taking control of his brain.

She then made the red gorilla jump into a tree. Using the gorilla’s strong hands, Q made him grab a pointy branch. She then made the gorilla grab that branch and drill it right into his heart. She then got outside the creature’s body, returning into human form. The red gorilla then collapsed into the ground, disappearing into thin air. She then glanced at Qlamperun and gave him a smirk and raising one of her fingers telling him she just killed one.

“It’s just one, sweetheart! Don’t get too excited.” –Qlamperun yelled with a smile.

One of the red gorillas raised his fist high in the air to hit Mrs. Shosy. Mrs. Shosy quickly grabbed the gorilla’s fist with one of her hands. “Oh no you didn’t. Don’t you dare hit me.” – She said while looking straight into his eyes. Mrs. Shosy then grabbed the other hand of his and threw him with such strength, smashing the gorilla against a tree. The gorilla then disappeared in thin air.

Everyone was around was fighting against a gorilla. Every time a gorilla was defeated a new one appeared.

“This is getting ridiculous!” –Arith said to Saphiro while freezing one of the gorilla’s to death.

“I know! This isn’t working! There are even more and more gorillas by the second!” –Saphiro said while morphing into a rhinoceros and drilling its horn into one of the gorilla’s stomach.

“Stay behind me, Finia!” –May-Ling said while facing a gorilla that was in front of her. She quickly let a scream out of her mouth, hitting the gorilla and knocking him dead.

That same instant another gorilla appeared from behind Finia. Fifer intervened by shooting fire from his hand. Burning the creature to death.

“That’s my boy.” –May-Ling said.

One of the sudden another gorilla appeared. This one seemed different that the others. Its colors were red with a dark blue and much bigger than the other ones. He landed right in front of May-Ling, grabbing her with just one hand as if she were a stick.

“May!” –Fifer yelled.

May-Ling was trying her best to set herself free from the gorilla’s hand but it wasn’t working. She could barely move her arms and legs.

Fifer tried to go after his big sister but another two gorillas appeared in front of the little boy, not letting him pass. Everyone was too busy to help them, each one of them were at least fighting two to three gorillas at the same time.

Finia just stood there. With teary eyes. Watching that gorilla taking his sister away. She then closed her eyes, remembering how May-Ling found them.

It was a dark and rainy night. Finia and Fifer were both inside a crystal basket in the middle of that forest. They were crying. Even though they were just babies, she remembered how scared she felt. That’s when this tanned Asian girl with this black long beautiful hair appeared. She immediately grabbed the basket, taking it with her. She saved us. She adopted us like we were her family. She protected us.

Finia then snapped out of the flashback. She opened her eyes, showing bravery for the first time.

“And I will protect you now.” –Finia said while raising both of her arms.

The ground then started to shake.







The End

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