The Black Forest {Part 4}

 “I’ll work my illusions again. They won’t know we’re here.” –Qlamperun said.

“No.” –Arith said very firmly.

“No?” –Qlamperun said confused.

“Exactly, no. No offense, Qlamperun. Your illusions are great but that will just keep them away for a while. And honestly, I’m tired of running away from them.” –Arith said.

“No offense taken. You actually have a good point.” –Qlamperun said back.

“So you’re basically proposing us to fight?” –Sallyia said to Arith.

“That’s correct. If we could deal with those ugly creatures back at the cave then I’m sure we can deal with these red gorillas.” –Arith said.

“Fine with me. I want to kick some ape ass.” –Hariah said.

The ground kept shaking harder and harder by the second.

“You all listened to Arith! Let’s go! Get in a circle formation!” –Ukriki said.

Everyone quickly followed his instruction and got in a perfect circle.

“Hey Madame Uni, I’m feeling okay now. You can give me my baby now.” –Ishuni said to her who had him sleeping on her arms.

Madame Uni just nodded. “Here you go” –She said while gently giving the baby to his mother.

“Thank you a lot for carrying him for a moment.” –Ishuni said.

“It’s a pleasure.” –Madame Uni said.

“They’re getting close!!” –Arith yelled to the group.

“May… I’m scared.” –Finia said to his sister.

“Don’t be. We’ll be okay.” –May-Ling said.

“How can you be scared? This is going to be awesome!” –Fifer said very excited.

“Control that excitement, young boy. You’re staying next to me the whole time.” –May-Ling said.

“You’re so lame.” –Fifer said to her.

May-Ling just laughed.

“They’re almost here!” –Arith yelled again.

“Hey Q, let’s do a contest. Whoever kills more gorillas wins.” –Qlamperun said to Q.

The silent lady just looked at him and gave him a quick nod.

Qlamperun gave her a smile. “May the strongest male or female win.”

“They’re here!!” –Arith yelled.

That same second several gorillas appeared from above the enormous trees. Landing right in the center of the group. One of them let out a strong roar, showing all of his big and sharp teeth.

“This is going to be fun.” –Cresio  said.






The End

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