The Cryptic Cave {Part 13}

 “I’m sorry to be the one interrupting, but if the elevator brought us all the way back to where we first found it, then that can only mean one thing.” –Zezrom said.

“The huge boulder that trapped us inside of this cave needs to be gone!” –Sallyia said very excited.

“Exactly.” –Zezrom said.

“There’s only one way to know if that’s correct. Let’s keep moving.” –Cresio said.

“Hey, you’re feeling okay to walk?” –Ukriki said to Ishuni. “Yes, I’ll be okay.” –Ishuni said while wiping her tears off.

Ukriki helped his wife to get to her feet. Everyone then began to walk.

After several minutes walking they started to see a light at the end of the cave.

“Light! That just means one thing!” –Yiuni said very excited.

Fifer then began to run towards the light. “Oh yeah boy! We’re free!” –Fifer yelled.

“Hmm. So I was right. The boulder is gone.” –Zezrom said.

“I’m glad that piece of rock is no longer here. That thing messed with me and no one messes with this fine lady.” –Mrs. Shosy said in a sassy way.

You could hear Riri and Hariah giggling behind Mrs. Shosy’s back.

Finia then pushed May-Ling’s hand in a gentle way to grab her attention. “Yes, Finia?” –May-Ling said.

“Look” –The little girl said while pointing at the left side of the cave’s entrance.

There was another note attached to the rocky wall. May-Ling quickly grabbed it.

“Hey everyone, another note.” –May-Ling said. The entire group went silent.

May-Ling then started reading it. “Congratulations the 30 of you for getting out of the cave, dearies. Oh wait… what’s that? Oh my bad, I meant 29. I guess you guys won’t be rockin’ from now on. No pun intended. Remember, one by one.”

The cave went completely silent. No one even made a peep.

Finally Saphiro broke the silence. “Whoever is doing this to us is messed up.”

“Really messed up.” –Arith said.



The End

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