The Cryptic Cave {Part 12}

The elevator finally made its way to the top where they entered the elevator in the first place.

The group began to wake up from Ishuni’s singing spell. Slowly they all stood up from the elevator’s floor.

Ukriki turned around to see his wife sitting in a corner holding Ninko. Crying.

He quickly rushed towards Ishuni and grabbed her hand. “Sweetie, is there something wrong?”

Ishuni looked at him with a sad expression. “Benston is gone.” –Ishuni said crying even more. “And it’s my fault!!”

“No no, it’s not.” –Ukriki said.

“You don’t understand!” –Ishuni said almost yelling.

“Ishuni, it was not your fault. I remember Benston hitting all of us with his musical sonic wave, pushing all of us towards the elevator. Making us unconscious.” –Arith said.

“No! It was me!!” –Ishuni said.

“What do you mean, honey?” –Ukriki asked.

“When Benston pushed all of you inside his elevator with his guitar, he then told me to sing to make you all sleep! So none of you could risk your lives to try saving him! And I did!! That’s why none of you remember what happened after that! It was my fault!!” –Ishuni said still crying.

“Ishuni, you have no fault whatsoever in this.” –Arith said.

“That’s true. You did what Benston asked you to. You made sure none of us would get… killed as well.” –Tanfesor.

“Ishuni, not to sound selfish but you did the right thing. Like Tanfesor said, who knows how many of us the elevator would’ve left behind if it wasn’t for you and him.” –Lonyer said.

“Benston is a hero. He didn’t die in vain.” –Mrs. Shosy said.

Madame Uni walked towards Ishuni. “Ma’am, if you let me I can hold Ninko for you right now.”

“I’ll appreciate that, Madame Uni.” –Ukriki said while taking the baby from his wife and giving it to Madame Uni.

Ukriki then gave Ishuni a warm-hearted hug. “Everything is going to be okay. I love you.” –Ukriki whispered to her.

“I…lo-ve.. you… too.” –Ishuni said with difficulty since she kept crying.

Arith then stepped in a rock and said “Let us never forget this day. For it was the day our dear Benston gave his life to save all of us. You will be missed, buddy.”

The End

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