The Cryptic Cave {Part 11}

 Parza, Finia, Fifer, Ishuni and Ninko were all curled up in the corner of the elevator. Benston was there as well but he was in front of them.

Benston then turned to see the five of them. “Listen, you guys stay here. I’m going to deal with it.” –Benston said.

“No way. I want to help!”- Fifer said very bravely.

“I know you do, but like May-Ling said. I need you to stay here to protect your sister.” –Benston said.

“Benston, please, let me help at least.” –Ishuni said.

“Ishuni, remember what I said about your baby Ninko that he’s going to grow up to become one special little guy? I want that for him. I need you to stay here with him. He needs his mom.”

“But…” –Ishuni said but Benston interrupted her. “But nothing.” –Benston said. He then leaned and grabbed Ishuni’s hand and kissed it. “My guitar Rongo and I will rock this creature. Take care Ishuni. That goes to all of you.” –Benston said.

He then turned around and headed towards the two-headed creature, stepping outside the elevator.

“Hey you piece of crap! Down here!” –Benston screamed at the monster.

Both heads of the creature turned to see him. This time both heads had eyes.

“You’re about to have the best concert of your life.” –Benston said with a smile.

He then grabbed Rongo, his electric guitar and began playing it. Creating musical sound waves crashing into the monster’s body, making the creature fall to his back.

The others then got there in time.

“Benston, we’ll help you!” –Arith said.

“No way, buddy. This is my concert. You all already fought the other monsters and I can tell how tired you all are. I can see it in everyone’s faces.” –Benston said.

“We’re a team! We don’t leave anyone behind!” –Saphiro yelled.

“I know that, but look at the timer. There’s 1 minute left. All of you need to get inside.” –Benston said.

“What about you?” –Wimphia said.

“I’ll be fine.” –Benston said.

“There’s no way I’m leaving you.” –Arith said. Everyone then screamed saying “Yes!!”

Benston immediately grabbed his guitar, pointing it at them. He then played Rongo once again. Making this musical wave hit the whole group. Throwing all of them inside the elevator.

“Ishuni!! Sing!” –Benston yelled to her.

Ishuni hesitated for a moment.

“Please Ishuni! Do it for me.” –Benston yelled.

Ishuni opened her mouth and began to sing. Her beautiful voice filling the elevator. Making everyone fall into a deep sleep.

“Thank you, Ishuni.” –Benston said with a smile on his face.

Ishuni kept singing with tears coming down her eyes.

The two-headed creature finally stood up.

“It’s only you and me, buddy.” –Benston said while touching his silver Mohawk.

The monster threw his tail to him. Benston quickly jumped avoiding it. He then played his guitar once again, knocking the monster for a second time.

The timer showed 20 seconds left.

The creature quickly made its way to his feet and ran towards Benston. Benston was about to play his guitar when the monster took it away from his using his front paws. He then smashed it in front of him.

“You son of a” –Benston said. “You’re going to pay for that.” –Benston said while running towards him. He began to kick and punch the monster. Making no effect on him.

The two-headed creature immediately grabbed him with his paws. Making him unable to move.

“No!!!” –Ishuni yelled.

Benston just turned to see Ishuni and gave her the most sincere smile ever. The creature then squeezed his paw with a lot of strength. Making Benston disappear in thin air.

“No Benston!!” –Ishuni yelled  with tears on her eyes.

The timer then reached 0. The elevator‘s doors closed and began to make its way up.

A voice then was heard from the inside of the elevator. It said, “1 down. 29 left.”





The End

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