The Cryptic Cave {Part 10}

 The other creature was heading towards the last group at incredibly speed.

“Stay back. I will stop him.” –Qlamperun said.

The purple haired guy stepped in front of his friends. He closed his eyes and rose up his hand. The black creature instantly stopped and fell to his side, trying to use his front paws to cover his long ears.

Qlamperun turned to his friends and said “Since that thing doesn’t have eyes, I had to generate an illusion based on his hearing. Right now he’s listening to a dreadful sound that’s making him go crazy for now.”

“That won’t hold him for long. We need to do something he snaps out of it.” –Yiuni said.

“Let me help” –Ukriki said.

“I will too” –Mrs. Shosy said as well.

Both of them got close the monster that was still moving left and right in a crazy way. “We need to make him weaker” –Ukriki said.

Mrs. Shosy without saying anything lifted this huge boulder that was next to her. She then tossed it directly into the monster’s head, which knocked him out.

“That’s how I roll.” –Mrs. Shosy said proudly.

“Let me do my move now.” –Ukriki said.

He knew his illumination ability was not going to have any effect on him since the creature had no eyes, but he could illuminate the area near him to make it hotter and hotter. And so he did.

“What are you trying to accomplish with this?” –Mrs. Shosy said.

“Well, since you knocked him out with that boulder, I’m going to know take that to my advantage and make him feel the heat. He’ll dehydrate completely, leaving him extremely weak for when he wakes up.” –Ukriki said.

“Clever” –Mrs. Shosy said.

After they both were done they returned to their group.

The creature then began to wake up. With a lot of difficulty he stood up, but you could see how hard it was for him.

“I need everyone to be quiet.” –Cyfon said. Everyone did what he said.

Cyfon then raised up his right cyborg arm, which was a weapon attached to his body. He then shot these blue spikes from it, hitting the creature and paralyzing him.

“Whoa dude. That was amazing. How did you even… erm know where he was?” –Xerio asked.

“By hearing, that’s why I needed to guys to be quiet. I guide myself with my other senses.” –Cyfon said.

Without saying anything Q began to run straight towards the creature, transforming herself into this ghostly- shaped figure with a scythe one her hand. She then went right through the monster’s skin.

“Did I just see that? Did she just went right through him?” –Youno said.

“No, apparently Q can turn into a ghost. So fascinating.” –Qlamperun said with a grim.

Once inside Q took control of the monster’s brain. She started to control him, making him walk towards the group until it was right in front of them.

“Why is she trying to do?” –Mrs. Shosy asked.

“And why is she still inside of him?” –Yiuni asked as well.

“I think she has a plan. I believe she needs us to finish him up while she’s still on control of him.” –Qlamperun said.

“I have an idea!” –Youno said excited. “But I’m going to need you as well, Xerio”

“No problem, dude.” –Xerio said.

“Okay, Yiuni and me are going to create a force field that’s going to trap the monster inside. At the very top of the force field, we’re going to leave this hole. This is where you come in” –Youno said.

“I know where you’re getting at. Then Xerio will fill the force field with water to fill it up and drown him.” –Yiuni said.

“That’s correct” –Youno said. “You’re not that dumb as I thought” –He said to his sister. Which she immediately gave him a punch in his arm.

Youno and Yiuni then grabbed each other’s hands and created this force field big enough to trap the monster inside, leaving a hole at the top just as they said.

Xerio then made his way to top the top of it, in which he began to fill the force field with water. It took 1 minute for it to be full. They all waited anxiously to see if it would work. Then, after several seconds, the creature disappeared into thin air.

Q then appeared and made herself human again.

“Yeah dude! We did it!” –Xerio said so excited.

“That was impressive, everyone. And Q, that was quite a secret you were keeping from us. Good job.” –Qlamperun said to her.

Q just gave him a hint of a smile.

A girl’s scream was heard from the distance. “That’s Finia!”-May-Ling said.

The three groups, which were already together, looked behind them at the elevator. There was another of those creatures, but this time it was a two-headed one. And it was going for the ones that were inside the elevator.

“We need to help them!” –Arith shouted.

Everyone started to run towards the creature.

While running Saphiro looked at the timer at the top of the elevator. “Oh no.” –He thought to himself.

There were 2 minutes left before the elevator shuts its doors. Leaving behind whoever wasn’t inside.







The End

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