The Cryptic Cave {Part 9}

The creature in the middle was already heading towards the other group.

“Saphiro, fly me near the monster’s ear. I can tell he’s hearing is very developed. I can make him deaf so he won’t be able to hear our moves.” –May-Ling said.

Saphiro quickly transformed into a pterodactyl. May-Ling then hopped into his back and Saphiro began to fly.

“Okay, we’re close enough to its ears. Now try not to hear this.” –May-Ling said to Saphiro.

Saphiro quickly made his pterodactyl ears disappear. May-Ling then used all her lungs to create this high-pitch sonic scream. The creature let out a screech.

“That will do it. He won’t be able to hear a thing.” –May-Ling said. Saphiro quickly flew her back to the ground.

Sallyia then quickly took the form of the creature’s shadow. She was this black silhouette fighting the monster. She used her spiky tail to hit the creature directly into his stomach, making him fall into the ground.

“Leave this to me now.” –Madame Uni said. The very polite woman then turned her eyes completely red, her skin turned all white. She then pulled out these black wings form her back and from her mouth this two sharp fangs grew.

She then flew towards the creature at incredibly speed. She attached into its neck and quickly bite him with her huge fangs. Making the creature bleed a lot.

She then flew back to the group. “He will lose blood, which will make him weak.” –Madame Uni said.

“Madame Uni, that was amazing! I didn’t know you were such a badass!” –Riri said.

“I guess she’s alright but it’s my turn.” –Hariah said.

“Wait Hariah, I have a plan. You can turn completely into metal right?” –Jaliah asked.

“Mhm. Why?” –Hariah said.

“Metal conducts electricity. So turn into metal, let the monster get you and then I’ll electrocute him.” –Jaliah said.

“Sounds good to me.” –Hariah said.

Hariah then turned her body from bottom to top into pure metal. She then ran in front of the creature. “Hey!! You piece of crap! Here!” –Hariah yelled.

The creature quickly grabbed her with his front legs. “Jaliah! Now!” –Hariah screamed.

Jaliah then let this lightning hit the monster. Making him shake his body completely and releasing Hariah.

Hariah then high-fived Jaliah. “Not bad at all.” –Hariah said. “Same to you.” –Jaliah said back.

“I’ll go now.” –Lonyer said. He then made his way to this nearby skyscraper. He placed his hand in the wall and closed his eyes. He then took the form of that skyscrapers himself. He quickly began to shake the building harder and harder, until it collapsed right below the monster. He then turned human again.

“Saphiro, I’ll need your help in this.” –Riri said. “I’m listening.” –Saphiro said.

“I’ll need you to fly me to the monster’s mouth. Let’s take advantage that he’s unconscious and he can’t move thanks to the building collapsing on him.” –Riri said.

Saphiro then turned into an eagle. Riri then made her body as the size of an ant. She then hopped into his back. Saphiro then flew her to the monster.

“Okay, I need you to open his mouth.” –Riri said. Saphiro then turned into a Gorilla. He placed both his hands inside the creature’s mouth, opening it wide open.

“Thanks, Saphiro. Now leave it to me.” –Riri said.

Riri then made her way inside the humongous monster’s mouth. She went down his throat and made her way to his heart. She then destroyed it completely. Making the monster disappear in this air.

“That was impressive!” –Saphiro said to Riri. “Thank you, Saphiro.” –Riri said.

Both of them then returned to their group. “Good job all of you.” –Lonyer said.

“There’s still one monster left standing.” –Sallyia said.

“And look at the clock, there’s 4 minutes left till it reaches zero.” –Madame Uni said.




The End

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