The Cryptic Cave {Part 8}

Everyone had to make some time while the timer made its way to zero. While ten minutes doesn’t seem that much, it felt like an eternity to all of them.

They quickly divided themselves into three groups, eight in each group.

The first group was taking care of the creature in the left. They were Arith, Kalaila, Nalaila, Dalaila, Tanfesor, Wimphia, Zezrom and Cresio.

The second group was dealing with the creature in the middle. They were Saphiro, May-Ling, Sallyia, Lonyer, Jaliah, Madame Uni, Hariah and Riri.

The third group was going for the creature in the right. They were Qlamperun, Mrs. Shosy, Q, Yiuni, Youno, Cyfon, Ukriki and Xerio.

The creature in the left began running towards the first group.

“Quick! Zezrom and Cresio, one of you grab me from my feet and the other one from my hands.”

They quickly did what he told them. Stretching him like a human rope thanks to elasticity. The creature’s legs got all tangled up thanks to Tanfesor, making the monster stumble and hit the ground.

“Oh yes!!” –Tanfesor said.

“My turn!” –Arith said. He got near the creature, releasing a bunch of ice. Freezing all six legs of his. Making him unable to stand up again.

Cresio quickly threw acid into the creatures claws, melting them completely to avoid any scratches.

Zezrom used his telekinesis to control the creature’s huge spiky tail that was moving desperately. He stopped it. To prevent someone getting hurt by it.

“Please move back everyone.” –Wimphia said in a shy way.

Their group listened and backed off. Wimphia then closed her eyes and began moving her hands in a circle-like form. Making in the process a tornado, raising the creature from the ground and launching it directly towards the rooftop of the cave.

“I’ll hold it up there using my telekinesis!” –Zezrom said.

“Our turn!” –The three sisters said. Kalaila, Nalaila and Dalaila quickly flew towards the creature who was floating in mid-air. The creature tried biting them with his huge fangs but Dalaila quickly blocked it with her shield. Nalaila then used her bow and arrows and began shooting at the creature’s mouth. Kalaila then took out her sword and with all her speed she flew towards the monster’s head and dig her sword right inside. Making the creature scream and then disappear in thin air.

“We did it!!” –The three sisters said.

“Good job, guys. That was great teamwork.” –Arith said to their group.

“Yes, but let’s not be all happy about it. There are still two creatures left that the other group is dealing with.”


The End

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